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Posted Wed 22 Sep 10 @ 11:28 pm
I have been using PCDJ red for a while, i understand that its essentially a toy, but im very comfortable with it and virtual dj is kind of pissing me off. here are my questions. Question #1: i want to have my ENTIRE library in song form on one playlist sorted by bpm. i find its the easiest way to DJ, if your playing a song at 80 bpm, I can start there and scroll from 80 to 81, 82 etc until I find a song that will go well and I can easily beatmatch it without changing the speed of either song dramatically. Ive found that all my songs get separated into folders and i have to forage through to find songs that are a close bpm match. Can i get all my songs in my whole library to show up in one playlist? or do i have to make 1 humungous folder and work from there? Question #2: Can i have the program scan all my songs and assign bpm's to them without having to go through them individually? anyone that can answer these two Questions will be my hero, and the party people will thank you as well.

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Posted Thu 23 Sep 10 @ 12:10 am
Right click a folder and and click scan BPM and bam every song in the folder will be scanned, be warned though this can take all night if you have lots of music in the folder. As far as BPM's go just click the BPM tab and it will order them. If your songs are spread out into different folders you will need to create a playlist or make a virtual folder in which you can add all of a specific genre or all of a certain # BPM. I don't know if you can do this with a non licensed version though. That is the answer you will most likely find on these forums, get yourself a licensed copy and your good to go.

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Posted Thu 23 Sep 10 @ 12:46 am
Also if you had a license (maybe you do but havent registered it yet, idk) you could go into the download section under tools, and download the "Registy Tool". With that you can set it to sort by BPM by default. Its a great tool, many things can be done with it.

Hope to see you with use soon

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Posted Thu 23 Sep 10 @ 2:05 am
You can either navigate to the directory containing your music and right click recurse, or you can simply put a * in the search bar to display all songs in the db. You can also enable search by bpm and type 120-130 to display all in that range. Have a good read of the manual, it's all in there .....

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Posted Thu 23 Sep 10 @ 12:23 pm
#1: You can create a filter folder to show all your music.

  • Click on the blue + folder icon at the top of the folders list.
  • In the Name box, type: All Music
  • In the Filter box, type: isscanned=0 or isscanned=1

#2: Please see

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Posted Thu 23 Sep 10 @ 12:36 pm
Just below your search field you have artist/title/genre etc, make sure your search filed also has bpm added. You can now click on that bpm fiels and it will give you your bpm's in descending order, click it again and it will revert to ascending order.

You can use this function even if you made the search by genre, also try clicking on each field you have showing and see the results that you get. Great when you have a mix of genre's like Dance - Dance/RNB - Dance/Disco etc it will filter each in order.