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Topic: Mapping for NUMARK MIXTRACK? - Page: 1
DUB-LDHome userMember since 2010
Hi I just got a new numark mixtrack which comes with traktor le
My friend showed me virtual DJ and I liked it better so I got it and ive been trying to use it but I don't know how to map it properly.
Can anyone help?
I can get some of the buttons to work, but it only effects the right side of the mixer.
Any help would be much appreciated as this is a new product and there isn't much info on it,

Posted Fri 09 Jul 10 @ 1:51 am
I'm trying to figure this out as well. Does anyone have any info at all?

DUB-LD How did you get it to recognize your controller at all? Are you using a mac or a pc? I'm using a mac and I haven't been able to have my computer recognize the controller yet. I'd really prrefer to use virtual DJ than the Traktor software that it comes with.

Posted Tue 20 Jul 10 @ 9:37 pm
Oh whoops. I just noticed this is the forum for the PC version. My bad.

Posted Tue 20 Jul 10 @ 9:38 pm
Sorry, the Numark MixTrack is a new controller and is not currently natively supported (Plug 'n' play) in the current version of VirtualDJ. It may be supported in the next version and/or made available in the future as a downloadable add-on in the controllers section:

In the meantime, you may be able to map it yourself via Simple MIDI Wrapper or create your own mapper/definition for it - Please see for further information.

NOTE: LED's and displays of the controller will not function with Simple MIDI Wrapper. A proper definition file and mapper is required for these to work.

Posted Wed 21 Jul 10 @ 5:55 am
These are actually a lot easier than most people think. The trick is finding the map and def for something that already works, and then exchanging the data from the new device into the already working file. particularly midi cc and note data. The midi wrapper can be used for eveything except the deck cc(and feedback). then just look thru the file which will be saved in the vdj folder and you'll see the info for all the controls.

So to re-hash, use the simple midi wrapper to create all you controls for everything other than deck.

Then get the files from say a vci-100/300, or SCS3d and copy the parts about the decks. replace the midi cc data with what the mixtrack sends out.

Or just buy a mixtrack and send it to me and I'll put up the files ;) !

Posted Thu 22 Jul 10 @ 1:08 pm
dvjbtoPRO InfinityMember since 2009
hola, necesito que alguien me ayude con el MAPPER PARA MIXTRACK DE NUMARK para asi usarlo con mi Virtual Dj (Original) por favor alguna ayuda URGENTE. Gracias por tu tiempo

Posted Tue 03 Aug 10 @ 12:46 pm
can someone please post a working mapping for the numark mixtrack? I know the new update covers it but i still want it for my own reasons.

Posted Tue 03 Aug 10 @ 8:26 pm
wevans1994 wrote :
can someone please post a working mapping for the numark mixtrack? I know the new update covers it but i still want it for my own reasons.

No one is gonna post it for you cause your a "No License User". Register your software and you can download it yourself.

Posted Tue 03 Aug 10 @ 8:45 pm
i have the 6.1 trial and want to make the best of it since my controller just came. I'm sorry i don't have money to just throw around. I just want to use my mixtrack. Anyone? Please help.

Posted Tue 03 Aug 10 @ 11:06 pm
Sorry, mappers are only available to registered licensed users of VirtualDJ Pro.

You will either need to purchase VirtualDJ Pro or wait until an updated trial is available.

Posted Tue 10 Aug 10 @ 4:13 pm
I own Virtual DJ Pro Version 6.1.2 Pro, but I cannot seem to find the mapping for the Numark Mixtrack anywhere on the website or in the software itself. Can someone point me to the right direction please.

Posted Fri 13 Aug 10 @ 1:57 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
mattdicker wrote :
I own Virtual DJ Pro Version 6.1.2 Pro, but I cannot seem to find the mapping for the Numark Mixtrack anywhere on the website or in the software itself. Can someone point me to the right direction please.

Connect the controller and press scan for new hardware.

Posted Sat 14 Aug 10 @ 10:08 am
Where's the scan at when you hook up the mixtrrack for mapper

Posted Mon 16 Aug 10 @ 11:35 am
jpboggisPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005
Make sure that you have the latest VirtualDJ v6.1.2 installed -

Then make sure that the MixTrack is connected to your computer BEFORE starting VirtualDJ. It will then be detected automatically at start-up.

Otherwise, go to CONFIG -> Mappers, click on the button to the right of the drop-down list and choose the option to Rescan for scan for new devices.

Posted Mon 16 Aug 10 @ 5:28 pm
so is there definately mapping for the mixtrack as i am looking to buy it and dont want to waste my money when i can buy a compatible midi controller?

Posted Thu 16 Sep 10 @ 9:56 am
S0nic2Home userMember since 2009
I have virtual dj 7.0 pro i cant hear music on mix cue, i wont to hear two songs in same time on mix cue, everything work fine only mix cue make me problems, how can i hear two songs in same time on cue mix, thanks

Posted Mon 15 Aug 11 @ 8:54 am
S0nic2Home userMember since 2009
someone help please

Posted Mon 15 Aug 11 @ 6:07 pm
Please register your Pro serial number on the page and then download the latest version from

If you have not purchased VirtualDJ, then please support the software and its future development by purchasing it: - This will also give you access to a vast library of free add-ons ( ) as well as the latest and future versions of the software.

Alternatively, you can use the latest Home FREE, which is free to use for non-commercial use (It cannot be used at DJ gigs where you are being paid):

To be able to pre-listen to music using headphones, you will either need two sound cards or a sound card with multiple outputs, such as a 5.1 surround sound card or preferably a dedicated DJ sound card (E.g: Numark DJIO or Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ.)

With a laptop, you can add a basic stereo USB sound card that will provide you with the additional output that you need for your headphones.

Alternatively, you can use a single sound card and the mono split option in VirtualDJ's sound setup, however this will only give you MONO sound (Not recommended for live performance.) You will need a Y-splitter cable to split the left/right channels - Please search Google for: 3.5 jack splitter to mono

Once you have suitable sound card(s), you will then need to go into CONFIG -> Sound Settings and choose Outputs: Headphones and select the appropriate sound card(s).

NOTE: In Home FREE, sound card options are limited. To be able to headphone pre-listen, you will either need a 5.1 card built into your computer, a basic external USB 'stick' sound card or use the MONO split option. For more advanced sound configuration, such as two separate cards or a multi-channel external DJ sound card, you will need to purchase either VirtualDJ Basic or VirtualDJ Professional:

To choose which deck to pre-listen to, press the TAB key or click PFL button on the skin. Use the crossfader and/or volume sliders to control which deck is output live over the master outputs.

Posted Tue 16 Aug 11 @ 3:40 am
S0nic2Home userMember since 2009
Numark mix track pro have 2 out channels so why then i mudt buy audio 2 dj? I cna prelisten music with external mixer but without him i can hear only one channel on my headphones eaven numark have two outputs Thanks for help

how can i program numark mix track buttons with virtual dj functions?

Posted Tue 16 Aug 11 @ 8:38 am

Posted Tue 16 Aug 11 @ 10:20 am
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