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what about the sound?
do I use asio or 2 sound card set up?
to my mixer do I send one channel from each denon and which layer?
should i start vdj then connect the denons or have them connected then open the program?
sorry I just can't get this working right

Posted Tue 01 Sep 09 @ 4:56 pm
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Sound setup ...

Input - None
Output - 2 cards - Left 1&2 / Right 3&4
Soundcard - ASIO and pick the 2 different ASIO options from the drop-down list

Posted Tue 01 Sep 09 @ 8:28 pm
This is how I have mine setup,

I have all the setting on the players set on default the default settings. The only thing I changed was jog trans to 3ms (XP) trans jog is 10ms if your on Vista. I did not change midi channel, I do not do D-Link, everything is at default except for the jog trans (Found under preset mode)

Under sound setup tab
Inputs: None
Outputs: External Mixer Left deck: 1/2 Right deck 3/4
Sound Card: Denon Asio

Under options tab you will see three sliders, set to the following: Scratch - 130-140%, CUE 100%, Bend 80-90%

Go into the Denon Asio driver program, you should see two items (If you have two DN-HS5500 connected to your laptop) listed under devices. Disable one of those devices. You will be running your two pairs of RCA Cables from one player only so there's no need to have both active. Connect the RCAs into both players to figure out what unit is sending out the audio signal. Once you have identified which player is sending out the sound run two pairs of RCAs from the deck to your mixer.

These settings work like a charm to me, hopefully they will work for you also.

Posted Tue 01 Sep 09 @ 8:47 pm
cstoll wrote :
You all are welcome ... and thanks for the input you gave early on ... shaggypoet, you should be good man ... try it out !!!


You're going to be mad but...same issue still persists.

I went home, installed the VDJ6 update and YES! the decks were detected. Closed VDJ, checked to see if it detected the decks, and no go. Turned off the power from the decks to see if that would work, no go. Tried the rescan controllers trick you mentioned in our previous discussion and that only work after I restarted my whole PC. It only worked once or twice, then no go after that. The Denon Driver was showing the decks, the PC was showing the decks, but VDJ wasn't showing the decks in the mapper. Even if I hit the Control S shortcut I setup... Any clues?....

Back to VDJ5 unless I can get this fixed before my Friday gig.

Overall, I can say this, when it was working it was wonderful.

Posted Tue 01 Sep 09 @ 9:38 pm
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Well you are missing something ... I can take the 3700 offline and put back online all day long ... only thing I need to do is do the Rescan for controllers ... not sure why you are having those issues.

Then again ... why would you do this during a gig ... if you turn them on, boot up to Windows, set in MIDI mode (wait for PC Linked), open VirtualDJ ... if they are connected then why would you take them off line?

Posted Tue 01 Sep 09 @ 10:33 pm
Because if the PC were to crash I would want to be able to have the PC detect the decks again. Or, as sometimes can happen, VDJ might lock up. At that point, I would have to restart VDJ and re-detect the decks, thus why I need this issue fixed...etc...

Posted Tue 01 Sep 09 @ 11:55 pm
col imma try this tomorrow
thansnk for the help guys

Posted Wed 02 Sep 09 @ 3:52 am
so I can only get sound from one channel on my mixer and it plays both deck A and deck B sound. I can't seem to get deck B on its own channel.
Not sure what I did wrong.
From Denon 1: OUT 1: mixer channel 1
OUT 2: mixer channel 2

From Denon 2:OUT 1:mixer channel 3
OUT 2:mixerchannel 4

all set to line inputs. On sound page, I have
External Mixer
2 Sound cards>>>>no here is where I am confused, Its says left deck to 1st soundcard and right deck to 2 soundcard
From the drop down my options are speakers DN HS5500 and speakers (2) DN HS5500.

No matter how I configure this I can only get sound from the Channel 1 on my mixer.

What am I missing

Posted Thu 03 Sep 09 @ 2:04 pm
You will only use one denon deck to run both your deck A and B RCA wires....only one deck, you will not run RCA wires from both decks.

Posted Fri 04 Sep 09 @ 12:27 am
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