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Topic: Headphone Setup And Usage Guide..... - Page: 1

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BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
First of all welcome to the world of virtual Dj.

A common question i have seen in the forums with very little solution is "how do i setup and cue,mix or monitor using headphones?"

Well here is my guide to doing just that.

First of all you are going to need a 4.1 capable soundcard or 2 seperate soundcards.

To setup Virtual Dj to use your headphones you need to go to CONFIG.

In config you will find a tab labled SOUND SETUP, under this tab you will be presented with 3 display boxes:

1. Inputs
2. Outputs
3. Soundcards

In the INPUTS box you should leave this set to NONE, unless you have external inputs and/or timecodes connected.

In the OUTPUTS box you need to set this to HEADPHONES to enable sound to be directed to both your speakers, and to your headphones.

In the SOUNDCARDS box you can either select 4.1 SOUNDCARD or 2 SOUNDCARDS. Which one you select will depend on what setup you have.

If you are using a 4.1,5.1 or 7.1 soundcard then set it to 4.1 SOUNDCARD. If youre using 2 SOUNDCARDS, whether they be internal or external, set the option to 2 SOUNDCARDS.

Now heres an important action so be sure you understand.

The list box below these selection boxes contains a list of soundcards, you need to choose the correct soundcard for the job.

My setup has 2 soundcards, Primary (which is useless for headphone use), and my realtek 7.1 soundcard.

Which soundcard/s you select totally depends on how your setup is.

If you have 2 soundcards then you need to select a sound card and you will be prompted with a secondary list box that will contain a list of functions. You need to select a function for each sound card. e.g. card 1 = speakers - card 2 = headphones.

If however like me you only have 1 soundcard and its 4.1 or higher (5.1 , 7.1). Then you have to select this card from the list, being carefull you havent selected " primary soundcard" or it wont work.

The next step is to select which outputs do what. There is a list box under the one where you select your soundcard/s.
In this listbox you will have 2 or more choices depending on your sound card. Mine has 3 options.

1. master: front output/headphones: rear output
2. master: rear output/headphones: front output
3. master: front output/headphones: center output

On my setup i have mine set to, front and center, you can set it to what ever you want.

Now you can hit OK and leave the config.

You now have your headphones setup.

The next step is to explain how you use youre headphones for monitoring and for mixing. This is really easy and once you know the basic controls a little practice will have you using a fully functioning monitoring/mixing feature in no time.

Ok first let me explain the use of the PFL button. The PFL button, when hit, allows you to monitor either deck 1 or deck 2. In conjunction with the "PFL" buttons you also need to use the "CUE/MIX" slider at the top of the skin. These, along with the "CUE" button and your "HOT CUE" buttons are all you need.

Once you have your headphones all set up following the guide above ^^^^^^ you then have 2 choices,

1. hit the PFL button each time you load your next track to listen to it via your headphones.
2. goto config > options, and you will find " auto headphones " . In the selection box you have Always, Disable and On Load. if you select "on load" option then your phones will automatically switch to the deck you are loading to.

I suggest you do some playing around with this and see whats best for you.

Ok so now you have youre head phones set up and your track loading into the headphones. YES! good.

The next thing you need to know is how to either:

1. listen to each track individually
2. listen to your mix.

The way to do this is to use the "CUE/MIX" slider at the top of the skin.

If you slide the slider all the way to "CUE" then you can listen to each track individually and swap between the two using your "PFL" button.

If you want to listen to the mix (both decks at once) then you slide the slider all the way to "MIX".

By playing around with these controlls you will be able to decide upon whats best FOR YOU and be beatmachin and mixing like a pro in no time.

Hope this guide was usefull and if you guys think i did good on my first guide i can always do more.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your DJ'ing. brought to you by blulite.

Posted Mon 04 May 09 @ 10:23 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
im upset some how my name is red and not blue..... oh crud...

Posted Wed 01 Jul 09 @ 3:40 pm
FunkyGzHome userMember since 2009
Hello Blulite,

Many thanks for this usage decription was really helpful. I am still having a lot of difficultiies with setting up my sound. I currently have 1 main sound card. This is an external sound card in a usb stick form. I simply plug my speakers into this usb stick and BAM I have sound. THis is not the issue tho. As this is the only sound card I have when I plug my headphones into the socket on my speakers this overrides all the sound into my headphones and when I plug the headphones into the computer socket I hear nothing, as I don't believe I have any other sound cards.
What do I do????
My current setup is- Input- none Output- Headphones 4.1 Sound card - I also have primary sound card selected on the necessary tab.

I really hope you can help me with this! Do you think I need another seperate set of speakers or another external sound card?



Posted Fri 23 Oct 09 @ 8:18 am
DazmaxPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Hi mate.

Can we start off with you providing some information on the sound card you are using?

I am assuming, based on what you have said so far that you are using the internal mixer provided on the VDJ skin.

I am shure we can sort your problem out but you will need to give us a better discription of the equipment you are using or we will all be working in the dark.



PS how you doing Blue? havent seen you on line for a while.

Posted Sun 25 Oct 09 @ 6:19 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
im fine daz. :D just been busy with work

@ funkygz there will be a built in sound card in your computer with a speaker socket or line out.. just set up so you use the built in card for your headphones and the external usb for the speakers.. there is some info in my guide tht will help you along the way if you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Posted Mon 04 Jan 10 @ 3:01 pm
Configuration (as instructed) :
INPUTS: none // OUTPUTS: headphones // SOUND CARDS: 2 sound cards
Driver 1: USB Sound Device // Drive 2: Built-in Output

(My sound card: Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro USB sound card)

** PROBLEM: No matter what I try, I can't get the main mix to NOT come through my headphones (Built-in Output). I toggle the Cue/Mix slider to Mix and the main mix gets quieter in my headphone, but never all the way off. I want to be able to preview a new song in my headphones without hearing what's currently playing on VDJ in my headphones as well. I've tried different combos but no success.

Any solutions? Thanks in advance for any help!

Posted Sun 21 Mar 10 @ 2:08 pm
shailisHome userMember since 2010
i can hear the second track on headfones .......pleaaaase help me

Posted Fri 07 May 10 @ 8:27 am

Posted Fri 07 May 10 @ 8:37 am
good work

Posted Fri 07 May 10 @ 3:32 pm
apargaPRO InfinityMember since 2010
When I click on 'sound card' I don't have the option 4.1. My options rather are 'mono separated', '2 cards', and '4-out card'. Sorry if I read something incorrectly.

Posted Tue 03 Aug 10 @ 5:42 pm
This should be a sticky

Posted Wed 04 Aug 10 @ 1:07 pm
DJ PhatsoPRO InfinityHercules Support TeamMember since 2005
@ aparga

Things are a bit different on MAC, but don't get hung up on terms. Select 4-Out card instead of 4.1...

Posted Wed 04 Aug 10 @ 2:23 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
ive got an update to add here, for the main guide.

this time it is in regards to usign and setting up a usb soundcard for monitoring. as ive had to send away my mixer for repair, ive not been cueing up, although this is not a problem due to me not using cans very much in the first place, i think it only necessary to update my guide for those of you who may need to follow the USB monitoring path.

so as per the guide up top, were set up is based more around a PC setup, here is the instructions on how to setup monitoring on your laptop for use with cueing and master output.

firstly and most importantly, you will need an external usb soundcard. the one i am using which works perfect, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise is ths one,

now whether your on a budget or not, this card does work and i have had no problems with it. if your reading this for instruction on how to setup your headphones, then it probably means your new to vdj and may well be on a budget. so this is deffo the perfect item to get you off the ground. for what it costs you could also keep a backup card in your laptop bag.

so what ways can we setup headphones on a laptop??

A: using an external mixer
B: with usb headphones, headset/mic combo
C: using 2 soundcards

lets start at the beginning, and these various ways are listed due to there being more to using headphones than some may think. a lot of people begin with the idea that you plug in your headphones and away you go.

as it happens this is by no means as simple, when it comes to digital DJing there are so many more factors you have to consider with your setup. after around 4 of using VDJ, i myself still have a lot to learn as do a lot of other guys here wh are veteran users.

when using an external mxer, your mixer will need to be connected to virtual dj by means of a pro usb soundcard such as ESI maya 44 or julia, numark DJio etc. dependent on if you are using just a mixer or you are using external hardware such as CDJ's or TurnTables. then you connect your headphones to your mixer as you would with a regular analogue setup.

when using usb headphones such as the Numark PHX or a headset/mic combo, i believe the setup is much the same as that of a basic usb soundcard. although i cant be 100% sure on that untill my PHX usb headphones are deliverd on fathers day :D. at which time i will again update this guide.

so on with the setup then, when using 2 soundards on a laptop, the setup is relitivley siimple.

first of all plug your card into your laptop and allow the drivers to be installed by the operating system. once this is done connect your laptop to your amp via either your usb card or your headphone jack.

now i have decided to go with headphones to usb card, and master to internal headphone jack. the reason behind this is if a usb port is not mapped in power options to not enter idle mode then it could possibly be shut down by the computer. on top of this if ever the card failed then you would have the master output cut out and loose your flow with the crowd. if the headphones cut out, then undermixing, harmonic mixing, waveforms and a good ear will keep you going untill you can find the problem.

once your master out is plugged in, plug your head/ear phones into the remaining headphone jack.

now open VDJ an goto > Config > Sound Setup

your settings should be as follows:

Inputs: None (variable depending on hardware)
Outputs: Headphones (select from the selection box, Master: First card / Headphones: Second card)
Sound Card: 2 Cards

under the Soundcard option, when you select 2 Cards, you will be prompted with 2 list boxes to the right. to set your cards in the correct order:

set the top box to: Speakers (primary card name)
set the lower box to: Speakers (USB AUDIO)

hit Apply then Ok

now test your outputs., load a track both deck one and deck two.

play the track on deck one at full volume in vdj (not on your master outut amp we dont want to annoy the neighbours), this should be heard from your master channel.

now minimise the volume on deck two and play the track, you should be able to hear the second track in your headphones. if you dont, hit the PFL button in the VDJ window on deck two.

thats it, your done. if you dont hear the tracks in the order you should, then double check you have the correct order selected in your sound setup.

the easiest way to do this is to swap the output list box to (master :second card / Headphones : first card) then check again. if this works, then you can:

A: leave it
B: swap it back then swap the sound card order over in the Sound Card list boxes.

ill update again when i get my new Numark PHX's on dad's day.

thanks for reading, blulite..

Posted Fri 10 Jun 11 @ 10:24 am
jdtriniHome userMember since 2005
Hello I'm using Auzentech 7.1 Prelude and i cant seem to get my headphones to cue/monitor. tried the 4.1 setup and still no luck. Also have an onboard truPC soundcard that came with the computer.but only using the Auzentech as primary..Running windows 7 ultimate. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks,. Joe

Posted Sun 19 Jun 11 @ 1:53 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
VDJ > config > sound setup > 4.1 config > select your soundcard from the list.

do not use the "primary soundcard" option, all extra cards are listed and must be selected as an option no matter how you have it set up.

hope this helps.

Posted Sun 19 Jun 11 @ 2:36 pm
jdtriniHome userMember since 2005
VDJ > config > sound setup > 4.1 config > select your soundcard from the list.

do not use the "primary soundcard" option, all extra cards are listed and must be selected as an option no matter how you have it set up.

hope this helps.

Thank you Blu. i was using an optical connection..switched back to regular analog and it worked!! Thanks again.

Posted Tue 21 Jun 11 @ 11:05 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
hey man, no problem, thats what were hear for...

Posted Wed 22 Jun 11 @ 3:30 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
any chance of getting this stickied??? or edited and stickied?? or something that lets people read it easily..

Posted Sat 02 Jul 11 @ 11:57 am
Why not just blog it on your home page? And then guide users that require this info to the blog link. You could also submit it in the wiki as well :)

Posted Sat 02 Jul 11 @ 4:20 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
ooh, sounds like a plan, ill get started on that right away. ill create an upto date edited version and pm it for approval before i put it up on my profile.i suppose i can link it in my signature also.

Posted Sat 02 Jul 11 @ 4:25 pm
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