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Professional edition user
Posted Fri 09 Jan 09 @ 12:25 am
Will VDJ work with Windows 7 beta????


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 09 Jan 09 @ 8:38 am
djlxpro wrote :
Will VDJ work with Windows 7 beta????

I have been using Windows 7 Beta and VDJ for a couple of hours now and it has been working like a charm. I have had problems playing videos in VDJ with Vista but fingers cross etc it seems to work much better under Windows 7.


Atomix Productions
Posted Fri 09 Jan 09 @ 11:20 am
Yes it does. However it is not currently listed as a 'supported' operating system, and you might struggle a bit with support from the team.

Sonido Alto Voltaje

Professional edition user
Posted Sat 10 Jan 09 @ 2:36 am
Do not use untill you have applied the MP3 corruption patch.


Atomix Productions
Posted Sat 10 Jan 09 @ 3:24 am
I would say do not use as a production system at the moment anyway!

Sonido Alto Voltaje

Professional edition user
Posted Sat 10 Jan 09 @ 12:48 pm
Microsoft has unofficially said that almost all of the application and drivers (Vista) should work with Windows 7.


Atomix Productions
Posted Sat 10 Jan 09 @ 12:54 pm
Thats great. But would you use an unsupported and as yet not entirely tested platform as a live gig machine to earn you money?

I'm running some tests on a Windows 7 machine, but I would never dare to use it as my live gig machine yet!

Sonido Alto Voltaje

Professional edition user
Posted Sat 10 Jan 09 @ 1:48 pm
You would have to be a fool to take Windows 7 live.


Atomix Productions
Posted Sun 11 Jan 09 @ 10:04 am
I'm glad we agree - I just don't want people thinking that we are recommending it's use as yet ;)


Experienced pro user
Posted Sun 11 Jan 09 @ 10:46 pm

i would not take win7 out yet.

i got a topic in general forum on some of my first findings in win7
but i agree, if youre getting paid to provide a dj service, then take something thats 100% tryed and tested... winXp or Vista..


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 11:50 pm
A bit more feedback:

I had it working on my EEE PC 901 with Win7 (runs perfectly on xp btw) but:

- Sound quality was not great, sounded like latency problems
- Trouble detecting timecode signal
- position would be lost with only mild scratching

Switch back to XP and it runs fine with no changes to needles or anything.

Shame cause my 901 runs much better on 7 than xp :(


No license user
Posted Mon 09 Feb 09 @ 11:13 pm
Why not stick with XP?
I downgraded my Vista Laptop to XP and the performance difference was major. Will not be going back to Vista.... or even moving onto 7 yet.
Vista stuffed around with my Pioneer CDJ-400s and it always took 5-10mins for me to set up the devices with vista each time i used them at a gig where as now i just plug them in, check that each deck is outputting the sound to the right CDJ-400 and i'm ready to go!
XP is pretty stable and windows 7 is still in beta testing. Why fix what isn't broke?
I'd say Wait it out for a few months till it publically releases then even then i'd wait it out for a few more months until they make the first service pack for it... (and the price to drop =P).
but then again all my advice is always 100% optional.
hope this helps.

DJ Koz

Experienced pro user
Posted Tue 10 Feb 09 @ 4:49 pm
I wish I can download the beta. It's not available for download anymore to test for myself. I went throught the process and all I got was a product key. Why would they give me a key and no installation files?


Experienced pro user
Premium Member
Posted Thu 02 Apr 09 @ 1:50 pm
I have Windows 7 on one of my mac laptops it work perfectly in-till i hook it up to a flat screen and when i go to preferences and switch the video from window to display of my flat screen my computer blacks out and so does the flat screen display. I can still hear music playing and can scratch with the turn tables. but can not see anything. I just want to know if this has happen to anyone else.


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 03 Apr 09 @ 3:37 pm
Nope I have it on flat screen 42in and no prob? what resolution are you trying to use?


Experienced pro user
Premium Member
Posted Fri 03 Apr 09 @ 9:51 pm
i tried it in all types of resolution each time i do it blacks out on both. im using extended desktop setting tried all resolution. what resolution are you using do you have a mac. i thinking i have to change the internal video decoder i try that next


Experienced pro user
Premium Member
Posted Mon 20 Apr 09 @ 10:55 pm
It kept black out. I tried every configuration possible. I have down graded back to vista ultimate. I would not recommend using windows 7 on live gigs. The vJ program on windows 7 would take to long to react to commands when changing preferences. It would also freeze until i open the task manger then it reacted. I was able to use the programs with mp3's with little issues mnor freezing. But when i used video mp4 the program would work for about a 30 minutes with freezing and after 30 minutes would make my laptop black out as well as my 50 inch plasma. Maybe its because i used a mac: Black mac 2.4ghz intel duo 250 gigs.


Atomix Productions
Posted Tue 21 Apr 09 @ 6:21 am
It's common sense not to use Windows 7 for actual live gigs, what kind of idiot would use an unreleased operating system to provide a service to paying customers that depend on stability?!

"I've got this great idea - Microsoft haven't finished writing the OS yet and hardware vendors aren't yet up to speed with drivers - but sod it, I'll use it anyway despite the fact that my XP/Vista install is working just fine. All so I can have bragging rights that I'm using Windows 7."

It's these kind of people that give software-based DJs a bad name.


Experienced pro user
Premium Member
Posted Tue 21 Apr 09 @ 6:58 pm
I have over 4 laptops with vista/ xp and leopard osx as well linux . I just wanted to see what the big deal with windows 7. To me windows 7 is no better then vista. Until Microsoft comes out with an operating system that each program runs independently and if one application freeze it doesn't cause the whole computer freeze. This is why mac operating system are superior to windows operating system. I honestly would not even used any windows os if the mac version of virtual dj was just as good as the windows version. I don't see that happening for a couple of years.


Limited edition user
Posted Thu 06 Aug 09 @ 7:42 am
VirtualDJ driver to work for Controller .. is something driver for Windows 7 ??

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