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CHEATHJR wrote on Mon 28 Oct 13
Just looking for a current post - just bought Apple Macbook Pro with retina display. Have been using a PC but have experienced a few PC problems so I wanted to upgrade. Will the Mac with Mountain Lion work with Denon MC 6000 and Virtual DJ? Should have looked up info before purchasing but haven't taken the PC out of the box yet. I greatly appreciate any advice.
michrosh wrote on Sat 20 Apr 13
using macbook pro retina 13.3 with american audio encore 2000 using virtual dj le connected to yamaha emx312sc and output thru yamaha s112v. When playing the music, after one song the sound to get bad, it becomes husky or breaks up. what should I do. please help.
rjd137 wrote on Wed 02 Jan 13
hey Dj Koz when you updated vdj did you have to update your mc6000 to because sice i updated to 7.3 my cueing is all mesed up. ive tried everything i know and nothing is working . the cue is fine when not conected to the 6000. any ideas
the SOUND INSURGENT wrote on Thu 11 Oct 12
Thanks for the add bro!! Holla anytime!!
UsaDJ wrote on Sun 08 Jan 12
Happy New Year EveryBody!
DJ Koz wrote on Mon 22 Aug 11
DJ Dad. Just saw this. What's up bro?
djdad wrote on Tue 02 Aug 11
Hi Koz ! Greetings from motherland Greece !
UsaDJ wrote on Sun 13 Feb 11
Musica Latina
virtual ice wrote on Thu 30 Dec 10
hey dj koz, i wondering if you could help me. i have the vms4 and im using it with the vdj le. and the sound that comes out from the mvs4 is very low compare to a friend of mine who was using a 3 channel mixer and two cd players. is it possible to set the sound on the vdj le or do i have to upgrade to set it up correctly?
DJ Koz wrote on Sat 27 Nov 10
OK Shoot
grtmrgazoo wrote on Fri 26 Nov 10
hey dj koz i have a question on using the bank buttons on the vsm4 to store samples
StokesEntertainment2 wrote on Wed 12 May 10
maybe i will come throught
StokesEntertainment2 wrote on Wed 12 May 10
just wanted to say hello I'm dj bigkev of stokes-entertainment in New Jersey
tayla wrote on Tue 09 Feb 10
hey thanks for the add, now go get that free plugin at downloads - Firetext