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 Denon DN-S 3700 Mapper

Name: Denon DN-S 3700 Mapper
Author: DJCB - Professional edition user -

Date added: Thu 23 Jul 09 @ 8:25 am
Last update: Mon 01 Nov 10 @ 6:21 pm
Monthly downloads: 0
Total downloads: 4 117

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New update 02/11/2010 for VDJ 7

New update 21/04/2010
Changing Led visual

Modification Mapper for Denon DN-S3700 Midi Mode

Update 02/09/2009 for v6.0.2
Correction A & B loop in and loop out + lcd + led
Autoloop + lcd + led
Time remain and elapsed button + lcd

Video from new update 6.0.2

Here 3 video to show the difference

Original Mapper VDJ6

Modification Mapper VD6

Presentation modification Mapper VDJ 6 (Led et Buttons) This is a French video !

As you can see on the video when leds flashes to indicate which the deck is in mode cue.
When the deck is in mode play, leds remains to light (to switch on)

So you can see, working in the darkness much better than original mapper.

Also Led playlist flashes when the playlist is in reading and does not flash any more when we stop the reading in playlist mode.

Modification from buttons 10 are assigned for Kill Bass - Kill Medium - Kill High and is to light (to switch on) in normal mode and flash when they are to engage.

Here Picture from Legende


1 . Clear Cue
2 . Make cue point
3 . Autoloop
4 . Setting from Denon (Not changed)
5 . Autoloop Exit
6 . Turn is for select effects and press start the effects (I have more than 20 effects)
7 . Vinyl playback direction selector lever (Not changed)
8 . Change action loop 1/2 - 1/8 - 1/4 and more
9 . Clone Deck (make copy song another deck)
10 . Kill Bass - Kill Medium - Kill High (Led on - Led blink on select)
11 . QUICK JUMP button, -FAST SEARCH button (Not changed)
12 . Play and cue Mode (Not Changed)
13 . Unload song from deck (song loaded led is on, unload led blink)
14 . Blue Led is on
15 . Effects Brake, Dump and Reverse (Not changed)
16 . PLATTER MODE button (Not Changed)
17 . PITCH BEND +/– buttons (Not Changed)
18 . PITCH button and KEY ADJUST button (Not Changed)
19 . Pitch (Not Changed)
20 . On press start automix (Led blink on play - Led on in stop mode) I cant so see if my playlist playing of not
21 . Back (Not Changed)
22 . Browse in map en song (not mouse used) is very fast en good in midi mode
23 . Add track to playlist (blink if playlist mode playing)
24 . Loop A -B and Exit (Not changed)
25 . Relay play (playing song deck A to B)
26 . Search in browser
27 . Time remain and elapse (Not Changed)