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 Denon DN-S1200 Mapper

Name: Denon DN-S1200 Mapper
Author: dydy1 - Experienced pro user -

Date added: Wed 04 Feb 09 @ 3:15 pm
Last update: Fri 30 Oct 09 @ 4:14 pm
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Total downloads: 1 974

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New functions:

in playBack mode - When in PLAY mode and the touch sensitivity function is active, touching the jog Wheel (9) will return the unit back to the last set CUE POINT or a CUE POINT located in a selected BANK BUTTON, and immediately start playback without music interruption.

after Installing mapper. create a keyboard short cut using any keys ex I use : CTRL+J----toggle $jog_touch.

you should be able to toggle between regular scratch mode and Cue Scratch mode

Wave form corrected on the LCD Screen.

there are some other goodies for you to discover!

A/B Trim Button----loop
Quick Jump/Fast Search Button Left and Right---needle drop

Title/ID3-UTIL Disc ------Clone what is playing on the Active deck to the default deck.

Back Butoon --------Pitch reset with reset checked---meaning once pressed back to o% Pitch

-Cue Butoon deck 1 & deck 2--------Play_Stutter back to the cue point
-Play/Pause button deck 1 & deck 2 --------same
-Echo/loop Button deck 1 & 2---------switch between active & passive deck
-Flanger Button deck 1 & 2-------Activate and deactivate effect
-Filter Button deck 1 & 2----Sync
-A1 button-Loop out-hit to activate that loop point marked and the end of the loop
-Next Track Button 1 & 2-----Go_to cue point
-Tap Button 1 & 2-----Manually fix the BPM by tapping the beat.
If "Smart BeatTap" is activated, the grid tapped will automatically be snapped to the nearest likely grid.

-Flip Button deck 1 & 2----toggle between adjusting In, and out point of a loop
-A2 Button deck 1 & 2----Loop In Auto--hit to mark starting point of the loop
-B Button 1 & 2----Loop out-hit to activate that loop point marked and the end of the loop
-Exit/Reloop Button---Loop_Exit
-Time/Cont/single Button deck 1 & 2---Set_Cue point

Eject Button------Refresh the player

Brake button---toggle among time remaining, total time, and time elasped

Dump Button-----activate effect while pressed

Reverse button-----video transition

Memo Button----toggle among different screen ex: music browser, effect browser, sample browser.

LCD screen are enable, players buttons with leds activated

Everything else are the same like the old mapper