Hercules Air+ Full Control

Name: Hercules Air+ Full Control
Author: acw_dj - Atomix Productions -

Date added: Thu 11 Jul 13 @ 6:38 pm
Last update: Thu 11 Jul 13 @ 6:38 pm
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This DJCONTROL Airplus mapping has some improvements and changes.

1) You can use samples from 1-8, where 1-4 are in the left and 5-8 in the right.

2) Loop buttons are LOOP_HALF for B1, LOOP for B2, LOOP_DOUBLE for B3 and RELOOP for B4 on bank2.

3) When you are in HOTCUE in CUE, play led would blink. Also it would blink faster when the songs is reaching the end.

4) The Red and Blue Beats are in BLUE for deck 1 and in RED for deck 2.

5) There is a loop_roll option using SHIFT and loop buttons. start with 0.25 and end in 2.

6) all the midi actions are in the defi6ition in case you want to add something special to the mapper. Like MIC button, and others.

I am willing to create more functionality to this mapper, and working on it, but I want to share with you guys this mapper now to start enjoy it.

Feel free to make your comments, PM me anytime.