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 MULTI TouchScreen

Name: MULTI TouchScreen
Author: djdad - Atomix Productions -

Date added: Mon 18 Mar 13 @ 1:54 pm
Last update: Mon 24 Jun 13 @ 6:07 pm
Monthly downloads: 3
Total downloads: 42 200

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A touchscreen skin, with all the features in panels.
Easy navigation.
2 Basic Views (DECKS-BROWSER)

1366x768 & 1920x12080

Version 1.1
- Fixed bug (innacurate display of FX sliders in FX panel)
- Video Mixer now has different view with Video Output
- Scratchwave on decks (toggles with HotCues - Useful when video panel is o)
- Volume on decks (toggles with Pitch - useful when Video panel is on)
- Mix_now button added
- BPM value moved to deck textzones

Version 1.2
- Added Video/Audio Crossfader button in VIdeo Mixer
- Added Nudge mode (to nudge the song instead of scratch)
- Quick loops can now act like Loop Rolls (enable the Loop Roll button)
- Added beat bars in Mixer
- Support for the SBDJ OSK Plugin http://www.virtualdj.com/addons/15940/osk.html

Version 1.3
- Fixed cue marker on songpos, not visible in Automix mode
- Fixed Set Gain to 0 when click on the Gain value
- Added 1920x1080 resolution (native HD graphics)

Note !
You can resize it to other 16:9 resolutions, but will not work with different ratios.

Enjoy !!