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 [VST] BeatGridV2

Name: [VST] BeatGridV2
Author: Chackl - Ultra-VIP Member -

Date added: Fri 04 May 12 @ 10:12 am
Last update: Tue 29 Oct 13 @ 5:23 pm
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Well now it's time to release!!!

Since the last months i worked on this little baby. Its idea was from an Denon X1600 with some extras.

Well this thing is some kind of BeatGrid. It works with Record and play patterns witch means that the diffenent beats are recorded in different patterns. Those Patterns are read out for playback like your want it.
Also you are able to ajust the playspeed of every pattern. With that you can get verry nice effect, just try it ;)
There are also different gridsettings, that you are able to save and to load. in the file "presets.ini" in your pluginfolder you are able to find all your saved settings. You can save as much presets as you like in that file ;)

Parameter reference:
Slider 1: Dry/Wet
Slider 2: set it from 0 to 1 to get to the previous Gridpreset
Slider 3: set it from 0 to 1 to get to the next Gridpreset

Well i hope you have fun with it.

V1.0.1 Release
* VST SDK 2.4
* Faster GUI operations