Red/Blue 4 Deck Swap for Denon DN-MC6000

Name: Red/Blue 4 Deck Swap for Denon DN-MC6000
Author: gerboue - Professional edition user -

Date added: Wed 29 Feb 12 @ 11:04 pm
Last update: Wed 29 Feb 12 @ 11:04 pm
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Based on:

I created this Skin for personal use with my DENON DN-MC6000

The fact that the variation in colors between VDJ and the Controller used to confuse me (blue-red-green-yellow on VDJ vs blue-blue-red-red) on the DENON forced me to design it.

If anybody is experiencing the same confusion I'm suffering, then this skin might work for you. Please note that I designed it to work with the 3-1-2-4 mapper that's also available in the download area. If you prefer to work in 1-2-3-4 mode, then this skin is definitely not for you.

Also, this is just a quick Photoshop + XML modification of the "Virtual DJ 7 (4 Deck Swap)" skin, so don't expect an artistically worked GUI.

Without a doubt it's the most user friendly skin for DENON DN-MC6000 owners, but the graphics are only functional and not pretty at all.