White Noise

Name: White Noise
Author: Deun-Deun - Ultra-VIP Member -

Date added: Sat 29 Oct 11 @ 6:10 am
Last update: Thu 10 May 12 @ 3:04 pm
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White Noise generator with beat color FX of DJM 850 : sidechain compressor

compare to version 1.0 :
- new white noise generator (very close to Pioneer white noise) with wind shuffle in background
- sidechain compressor : volume of white noise goes up and down according to track sound level

compare to version 2.0:
- following bug fixed : when you changed the slider before launchiing the plugin, nothing happened in the first 2 seconds and then a big "scratch" in the speaker, afterwards FX worked perfectly

compare to version 2.1:
- new algorithm to generate the white noise
- following bug fixed : once activated, during the moving of the slider for depth there was "tac tac"
- 2nd slider added to increase/decrease the level of white noise