Xponent Lighting v3

Name: Xponent Lighting v3
Author: acw_dj - Atomix Productions -

Date added: Thu 21 Jul 11 @ 1:11 pm
Last update: Tue 10 Jun 14 @ 11:35 am
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Based on:

This is my version of the Xponent Controller Mapping. It has the deck lights as the music goes. It would give a good show for the audience and help the DJ to stay in beat. Also have change 2 keys to give a SEEK-1 and SEEK+1.

Version 2.0 includes the whole mapping including Video Effects selection on the 3 button and transitions on 4th.

Version 3.0 add 4 deck manipulation using BANK A and BANK B for 1-2 and 3-4 decks control. Also I add some led control for loops from 1/32 up to 512 using the leds to indicate the right one you choose.

Version 3.1 fix an issue on the way the loop leds display the loops and also add the way to increase or decrease the loop length while is not activated. LOOP_ROLL_MODE is not activated and deactivated by holding the reloop button.

Try it, is a cool one.

Esta es mi versión del mapeo de la Xponent. Tiene de particular que prenden las luces en cada deck como en su software nativo y al ritmo del beat. Da un aire de fiesta que anima al DJ y a la audiencia.

También agrego el SEEK-1 y SEEK+1 para regresar un beat o adelantar un beat.

Ahora incluyo el mapeo completo además de agregar la selección de efectos de video en el botón 3 y de transiciones en el 4to botón.

La version 3 soporta VirtualDJ 8 y el control ade 4 decks usando los bancos A y B (botón al frente) para controlarlos. También incluyo un control de LEDs para indicar los loops desde 1/32 hasta 512.

version 3.1 corrige el modo en que los leds de loop se ven y agrega la opción de aumentar y disminuir el largo del loop cuando no se esta activado también. El modo LOOP_ROLL se activa y desactiva oprimiendo y sosteniendo por más de 3 seg la tecla RELOOP.

Pruébalo está muy bueno.


* BOOST (buttons aside the crossfader) : do a temporary crossfader, all to the left or all to the right while pressed.

* Dash : activate and deactivate video_fx. If holding then it unload the song from the deck (X do the same on holding)

*FX1: active/deactivate sampler play_stop. If holding then sampler select. FX1 Knob: sampler volume
*FX2: on/off current audio effect, if holding effect select. FX2 Knob is the effect slider 2
*FX3: If holding do a multi effect select, activate/deactivate the effect if not. FX3 knob is slider 1 fx.
*FX4: if holding select a video effect, if not activate/deactivate the current video fx. FX3 Knob: effect slider 3 or if in video transiton fx, browse for a video transition.

* HotCues: holding delete the current cue point, or do the hotcue otherwise.

* Lighting: Leds that are not used flash on beat (sync)

* LOOP 1: holding do a 16 beat loop or loop 1 if not holding
* LOOP 2: holding do a 32 beat loop. It would do a 2 beat loop if not holding the button.
* LOOP 4: holding do a 64 beat loop. it would do a 4 beat loop if just press it with out hold.
* LOOP 8: holding do a 128 beat loop. It would do a 8 beat loop if just press it.
* + and - would double or half the current loop length
* RELOOP: on hold would perform in loop_roll_mode, would do a reloop otherwise.

* play led button advice you when the songs is reaching the end. It would start blinking and the blinking faster when it is reaching the end of the song to prevent you about it.

* Touch x: filter
* Touch y: filter resonance
* mouse_right: on hold deactivate the filter. normally do a browse +1

* holding X button unload the song on the deck.