VDJ 7 - 4 deck, for controlers

Name: VDJ 7 - 4 deck, for controlers
Author: DHoude - Experienced pro user -

Date added: Wed 02 Mar 11 @ 6:25 pm
Last update: Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 8:54 pm
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Based on:

I modified this VDJ 7 4 deck skin to cater to controller & time code users.

2.01 update
Added 1600x900 resolution
Added ability to modify Cue name buy right clicking the Cue name text.

Added features:
-Retooled "Scratch" mixer panel (taken from Listen 2's CE skin)
-Color changing VU meters on "Scratch" panel to match default left & right deck
-All controls & info on the "Scratch" panel shift with left & right logic
-Added Hot Cue panel (right click "Player" button on deck)
-Added Sample panel (right click "Effects" button on deck)
-Deck Comment display (just above browser) right click to modify comment. Shifts and modifies with left and right logic to display default deck information

Many of the default skin's deck text was ment to chage color to the deck if you click on it. Some of the decks were mistakeingly coded as Blue (indicating deck 1) on deck 2 and 4.