ReThink APC40

Name: ReThink APC40
Author: ReThink - Professional edition user -

Date added: Tue 16 Nov 10 @ 11:13 pm
Last update: Thu 18 Nov 10 @ 12:32 am
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Based on:

Here I took Nici the Kyd\'s definition and took it one step further. You will find the definition and a blank map template.

The \"Track Selection\" buttons do not work like you would think and the MASTER TRACK needs to be selected at all times, or some of the LEDs will not work properly.

Also I recommend mapping LEDS to \"blink\" or \"blinkfast\" because every time you press a lighted button it lights up green by default.

This is all accomplished with out the need of a midi translator so if you take a look in the map file, I specify if the keys are toggle or momentary.

If anyone can help me with the sysexid, this is what my APC40 responds:

F0 7E 00 06 02 47 73 00 19 00 01 00 00 00 7F 7F 7F 7F 00 4B 02 00 09 01 00 00 02 03 08 00 00 06 02 09 F7

I just can\'t get VDJ to recognize it so I use drivername= & drivernameout=