Music Search Station

Name: Music Search Station
Author: iKARAOKE - Professional edition user -

Date added: Wed 09 Jun 10 @ 11:31 am
Last update: Sun 30 Aug 15 @ 6:17 am
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*NEW: Update VDJ to the latest ver to take advantage of the multi-field search.
Music Search Station. It is what it says. Designed for a separate laptop for customers to view your entire library. I had karaoke customers in mind when developing it. The skin is locked as there are no user buttons (visible or hidden) for customers to mess with. You have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit. I recommend placing it in the start-up.
- Scan your karaoke library on your main DJ computer.
- Copy the Database file to a memory stick and place it the Documents/VDJ folder of the computer you have installed your second version of VirtualDJ. This should delete the one thats in there. Now start searching. All external Browser features work. ie: Column id's and file type (VIDEO-KARAOKE-MUSIC) Created by James Lupo for VDJ.