Name: TCmania
Author: djdad - Atomix Productions -

Date added: Wed 12 May 10 @ 2:58 pm
Last update: Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 8:02 pm
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Total downloads: 7 664

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All the features you need to control and manage VirtualDJ except mixer actions. Ideal for turntablists and users with controller and external audio mixer. Video support also.

Available resolutions:
wide 16:10 1440X900 1280X800 1920X1200
wide 16:9 1366X768

Ver 1.1
1. Added Audio mixer pannel
2. Added Rhythm Off pannel
3. Added new Netsearch video icon
4. Fixed font size on Mac version

Ver 2.0 (only 1440X900 for the moment)
- Full compartibitlity with new VirtualDj ver 7
- Added new resonant Filter with switcher (indicator) on-off
- Added File Deck Info button
- Added New center pannel Amplifier with Mic-Linein features
- Added New Load & Save Deck functions
- Added New Open Help (Manual) button
- Added Status Bar (usefull for Netsearch status)
- Added New Deck Infos (Year, Genre, Album, Bitrate, Filetype, Composer) at comment screen filed
- Fixed Jogs from weird rotation.
- 12'oclock new Cue-Jogs position
- Added new icon for Mixed Containers (Filter & Fsvorite Folders)

Ver 2.1
- Added Revolutionary Automatic Effect Panels
- Filter moved to Mixer with on-off button
- Added Eq-Crossfaders (panel behind audio crossfader)

Ver 2.2
- Added Resolution 1366X768 (now available at 1440X900 & 1366X768)
- Added Sampler Panel
- Added Battery Status Indicator (SBDJ Battery Plugin Required)
- Minor fixes

Ver 2.3
- Added New Effects (Noisebell, Flanjet, Forward Reverse)
- Added Resolution 1280X800

For more informations about the skin visit the TCmania topic

Enjoy !