Toggle timecode deck

Q: I only have one timecode deck. How do I toggle it so it can control each deck individually?

If you are using a single timecode deck and want to control both decks with it, there are a few options to accomplish this:

You can click on the timecode button on either deck in the default skin to toggle the timecode signal from deck to deck

You can also map a keyboard shortcut or controller button to quickly change decks without having to use a mouse.

For a single key or button to toggle between decks use: deck left timecode_active ? deck right timecode_active : deck left timecode_active

To assign a key or button to each deck you can also map individual buttons. Assigning deck left timecode_active to one key or button will turn on the left deck, while deck right timecode_active to another key or button will turn on the right deck.

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