Sync not accurate

Q. When I press SYNC the two songs do not beat match perfectly with each other

The automatic beat synchronization features of the software rely on accurate BPM and Computer Beat Grid (CBG) alignment. No software can be 100% perfect all the time. The BPM analyzer in VirtualDJ is very accurate and gets it right for the majority songs that have a distinct beat. For music with more complex rhythms or less distinct beats, it is more difficult for a computer to work out by itself.

  • If your tracks are not lining up correctly when pressing sync, you may need to adjust the BPM of one or both of the tracks. The BPM can usually be adjust quickly and easily by tapping out the beat while the track is playing in the deck or using the BPM Editor. More information on this can be found here.

  • If your tracks are syncing but then slowly drift out of sync, this indicates that the file has a variable BPM. This is common for music recorded with live drummers and real instruments or songs that have tempo changes. To correct this you will need to use the BPM Editor to set additional beat grid anchors for songs with variable BPM. Please refer to the User Manual for more detailed information on how to do this.

In some cases, you may not wish to adjust the CBG of the track and wish to mix the tracks manually by adjusting the pitch to keep them in sync. For further information on manual beat matching and help/tutorials on DJ'ing in general, please see the Mix Lessons forum.

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