Screen Resolution

The default VirtualDJ skins require a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

Please ensure that your computer's screen is set to this resolution or higher.

If you have accidentally chosen a skin that is too high resolution for your screen (E.g: Default 1440x900 skin) then you can revert it back to the default 1024x768 by simply reinstalling the software again.

Custom skins for smaller screens such as NetBooks can be downloaded from our skins download page, but these are only available to registered licensed users who have purchased the software. VirtualDJ LE (Limited Edition) does not support using custom skins, but can be upgraded to the full VirtualDJ Professional at a discount.

NOTE: Some VirtualDJ LE (Limited Edition) versions of VirtualDJ that come with MIDI controllers require 1280x800 (Laptop widescreen) minimum for their custom LE skins.

NOTE: If you resize or maximise the skin, then depending on your graphic card's 2D capabilities, this may cause performance issues such as very high CPU usage. Ideally, you should use the skin at its correct native size or download a more suitable skin if your software/license entitles you to so.

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