Referencing a specific deck

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[/title]When using the keyboard mapper and in some cases when using a MIDI controller, you may need to make an action apply to a specific deck.

With the keyboard mapper, the action will always be applied by default to the deck that is currently selected (You can change this with the TAB key.)
You can override this by adding the deck that you wish it to apply to in front of the mapping:

deck left to apply to left deck.
deck right to apply to right deck.
deck 1 to apply to deck 1.
deck 2 to apply to deck 2.
deck 3 to apply to deck 3.
deck 4 to apply to deck 4.
deck active to apply to the active deck (The one playing out live.)
deck default to apply to the default deck (The one being cued up/pre-listened to.)


deck left play_pause

For triggering effects, you can use deck active to cause the effect to always be triggered on the deck that is playing out live, e.g:

deck active effect "Flanger" active

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