Play karaoke files

Q: How do I play karaoke files in VirtualDJ?

First, you will need to either purchase karaoke songs in a supported format, subscribe to the ContentUnlimited Karaoke Plan or 'rip' them from your own CDG discs.

You will also need an external TV, monitor or projector connected to your computer so that your singers can see the song lyrics. Please see: How do I output video or karaoke to a TV or projector?

To load and play a karaoke song, simply search for it or browse to where its located on your hard drive and then drag and drop it onto a VirtualDJ deck to play it just like a normal audio/video file.

NOTE: To remove the VirtualDJ Logo from the external display you will need to purchase a VirtualDJ Pro Infinity license or Pro Monthly subscription. The logo cannot be removed in all other versions.

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