MAC. iTunes Playlist not showed

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This is common problem. Sometimes the Itunes playlists are not shown.


Because VirtualDJ use the file "Itunes Music Library.xml".
If the user change the home folder of Itunes, itunes (for some unknow reason) rename the library to "Itunes Library.xml". Virtualdj can't recognize this library.

To fix follow this steps:

1)make a backup of the file Itunes Library.itl (stored on the home folder of itunes)

2)be sure that itunes is closed, then rename the file Itunes Library.itl to Itunes Music Library.itl

3)Now it's the time to select the correct database:

If you are using Windows, hold down the Shift key and open iTunes. Then click on "Choose Library" and select the file of the point 2
If you are using the Mac, hold down the Option key and open Itunes. Then click on "Choose Library" and select the file of the point 2

4)Close Itunes. The file "Itunes Music Library.xml" will be generated automatically and Virtualdj will recognize the playlist.

5)if not, use the reg tool of djcel and check that the home foder of Itunes is correct.

MAC doesn't have a Registry, instead they have .plist files.

1) Navigate to: /Users/{username}/Library/Preferences where {username} is the name of the user you're logged into.
(If you can't see the Library directory, run this command in terminal.app
Quote :
chflags nohidden ~/Library/

2) In this directory, there will be a file called: com.atomixproductions.virtualdj.plist. You will need a plist editor application such as XCode to edit and view the clear text contents of this file.

3) In this file, you will find a value called: iTunesFolder.

4) This needs to be set to the path of the iTunes Music Library.itl file. Mine was located in: /Users/{username}/Music/iTunes/

5) Edit the file to have the correct path for your iTunes directory.

6) Press ENTER on the field.

7) Close the plist editor, reopen VDJ and you should be good to go!!