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 How can I update my VirtualDJ LE to the latest version

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Q: How can I upgrade/update my VirtualDJ LE to the latest available version ?

  • VirtualDJ LE 8

    If your controller came bundled with VirtualDJ 8 LE then it will be automatically updated to the latest available version/build, exactly like all other VirtualDJ Licenses.

  • VirtualDJ LE 7

    If your controller came bundled with VirtualDJ 7 LE (or other Legacy Products such as Console Edition, CUE LE etc), please make sure that you have registered your VirtualDJ 7 LE serial (keycode) to your Account and then download the latest available version from the Licenses tab of your Account page.

  • VirtualDJ LE 7 with upgrade privilege to VirtualDJ 8 LE

    Depending on your controller and the agreement between Atomix Productions and the manufacture, a free upgrade from VirtualDJ 7 LE to VirtualDJ 8 LE may be available. In this case, once the keycode (serial) of your VirtualDJ 7 LE is registered into your Account, you should see the available VirtualDJ LE versions in your Licenses tab.

    Example of a Licenses Account page with a VirtualDJ LE keycode offering both VirtualDJ 8 and VirtualDJ 7 LE :

To enjoy the full features of VirtualDJ you will need to upgrade to a Pro Infinity or Plus Controller license. There is usually a discount in most cases which you can receive by going to the purchase page and entering your VirtualDJ LE serial number in the box provided in the Discount Prices section.


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