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 Changelog (standard)


BUILD 8263 (2024-07-23)

-Fix cloud drive not storing database info for content unlimited
-Moving songs in lists synced with cloud drive sync with cloud drive
-Fix Recommended Next and Linked Track sideview folder sometimes not showing local recommendations
-Fix Linked Tracks in sideview not showing results when changing to show results from browser directly after startup

BUILD 8225 (2024-07-02)

-Fix Lists sometimes not showing tracks from other drives on startup
-Store filter folders as filter folders in cloud drive
-Fix looped samples having glitches near loop point sometimes
-Fix Echo Out performance issue when active for a long time
-Automix respects resetKeyOnLoad off
-Changing genre through browser info tab respects setTagsAuto setting
-Separate strength and length when spiral effect used as regular effect (not color fx)
-Fix cdj export dialog 'compatibility' drop-down not changing cdj compatibility setting
-Fix small offset in beat grid calculation on some tracks

BUILD 8184 (2024-06-05)

- new clouddrive engine, to speed up loading on large databases
- cloudDrive can stream .vdjedit files or .zip karaoke files
- synced clouddrive folders keep the tracks order
- showAllDrives for googleDrive

- new karaoke catalog provider for EU/UK/MENA: SunFly

- fix video hardware acceleration issue on mac
- fix reading minor keys from Beatport
- fix editing Filter folders in Lists stored on other disks
- show cue points on waveform in browser column
- fix saved loops in variable bpm tracks not always triggering at the correct location

BUILD 8124 (2024-04-28)

-Fix prelisten player not playing when trying to restart a streamed song
-Prelisten player in browser shows cue points
-Fix playback of interlaced videos
-CloudDrive fixes
-Fix sidelist/automix/karaoke not allowing duplicates
-Fix List with Keep Order with files on different drives
-Fix warbling sound on Phase when master tempo disabled
-hotcueSavesLoop option

BUILD 8095 (2024-04-10)

- new TIDAL "DJ Extension" addon, with Stems separation enabled

BUILD 8093 (2024-04-09)

-Second click on shortcut button collapse/expand the folder

-New option browserShowLegacyM3UPlaylists, to keep using .m3u playlists if you need to
-Keep noDuplicates for old virtualFolders from vdj2023
-Fix importing ordering and colors of subfolders of special folders

-Clouddrive pauseSync option
-CloudDrive folders can be drag&dropped to a folder or a list to "download" them
-CloudDrive two-way sync always asks confirmation before deleting any file or folder

-Fix drift on Phase new firmware
-Fix regression crash on mac with some video codecs
-Fix recording when no path entered on windows
-Fix sync of cached online files to clouddrive
-Fix database backup not backing up history
-Fix corrupted cues set by mixedinkey
-Fix file count in browser off when online results are shown
-Support for reading Opus tags
-Improve track selection for local livefeedback in sideview
-Improve bpm analysis performance on mac with Apple Silicon

BUILD 8056 (2024-04-03)

- add one-way/two-way option for clouddrive sync

BUILD 8055 (2024-04-01)

Welcome to VirtualDJ 2024

What's new:
- CloudDrive: sync your lists to the cloud and stream them easily from anywhere (using
Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, or Dropbox)
- Library organization: unified MyLists,
folder shortcuts quick toolbar, linked-track view with manual linking, etc
NOTE: list&advices is now called Ideas, Playlist is now MyLists
- and more smaller improvements, like Fuzzy key mixing

BUILD 7921 (2024-02-25)

-Improve pitch readout speed with Pioneer CRSS12 and Reloop RP-8000
-Fix unable to move Virtual Folder to a Playlists sub-folder
-Fix automix remaining time calculation incorrect in some cases
-Allow setting karaoke singer and key change from VirtualDJ Remote
-Support changing hash tags and genre for multiple files at once from browser info tab
-Fix re-saving playlist loaded in automix/sidelist
- Support for Traktor X1 MK3

BUILD 7831 (2023-11-30)

-Support for Phase HID mode
-Support for The Next Beat SX-1
-Refreshed Skin and Controller pages in settings
-Sidelist and automix automatically saved when changed so that accidental sort can be reverted without showing a warning

BUILD 7759 (2023-11-05)

-Fix some graphical issues with third party skins
-Fix unable to start Podcast

BUILD 7746 (2023-10-30)

-Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 support
-Fix Pioneer Opus Quad not being able to use stems on outer eq channels
-Pioneer Opus Quad and CDJ-3000 have option to use hot cue buttons for stems
-Screen Grab plugin on Windows 11 has option to select individual windows to grab
-Option to use stems and sampler on HC buttons for CDJ-3000
-Fix stems turning off when using equalizer on outer channels
-Fix lag and slow refresh on Numark and Denon controller screens
-Allow filter folder "group by year invert" to see most recent years at the top
-Fix padsSkinIndependent not working correctly

BUILD 7692 (2023-10-03)

-Support for Pioneer DDJ-REV5
-Fixes for auto_bpm_transition
-Use precomputed stems for CDJ export when available
-Add browser modes with title only for pioneer CDJ2000NXS and CDJ2000NXS2

BUILD 7651 (2023-09-13)

-Support Pioneer Opus Quad
-Pioneer DJM-A9 support
-Hercules Inpulse T7 support
-Support for VST3 instruments
-auto_bpm_transition vdjscript
-Fix some Deezer and Tidal playlist names not showing correctly
-Browser on Pioneer devices colors tracks based on color filters when supported

BUILD 7607 (2023-07-19)

-Hercules DjControl Inpulse 200 Mk2 support
-Added support for Reloop RMX-95
-Added support for Reloop Mixon 8 Pro
-Track Cleaner censor option to use stems to mute vocals instead of reverse
-Improve quality of Pitch effect when used on master/sampler/stems
-Fix equalizer not applied to entire track when using stem fx
-Add "Fixed Grid" and "Blinds" video transitions available from Extensions

BUILD 7555 (2023-05-14)

-Fix beatlock
-Fix filter knob in 5-stem eq mode still applying filter as well
-Fix headphone output not including some stems when stem fx activated
-Fix recurse not showing on root music/video/desktop folder context menu
-Show background song info in karaoke song when karaokeDualDeck is enabled
-Add playlist sub-folders to genres for Tidal
-Fix deck VU meter when post-fader stem fx are used
-Fix using stems padfx and deck fx (with or without stems) together
- Added support for Reloop RMX-95
- Added support for Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

BUILD 7544 (2023-05-02)

-Pioneer FLX10 support
-Rane Four support
-Post-fader stem fx
-Add Stretch, MT Delay, Low Cut Echo and Slip Roll effects (can be found in Extensions)
-Improve stems 2.0 speed for NVidia RTX 3050
-Add watchFolders option to scan a specific folder for new files on startup
-stems_split and stems_split_unlink script for stem split mode

BUILD 7482 (2023-03-07)

-Fix some Deezer tracks not playing
-Fix waveform jumping a little bit sometimes on Pioneer controllers
-Fix some precomputed stems files not recognized as v2 stems
-Some fixes for using smart_fader
-Fix saving playlists from Automix in sideview
-Add 'export' option to filter folder context menu

BUILD 7462 (2023-02-18)

-Fix audio gap when turning off stem fx in some cases
-Fix crash in 32-bit version on older cpu's
-Fix prepare stems popup appearing when prepared stems 2.0 didn't start loading yet

BUILD 7445 (2023-02-15)

-Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 support
-Hercules DJControl 300 MK2 support
-Akai LPD8 MKII support
-Akai APC MINI MK2 support
-New On-Demand mode for stems 2.0 that computes stems 1.0 first, and only computes stems 2.0 when they are used
-Export Virtual Folder has option to include sub-folders as well
-Fix quantize in loop roll pad page
-Option to restore quick filters/color rules when restoring backup
-stems+fx pad page has menu to select instrumental beat grid pattern
-New "Echo Out" mix fx
-Multiple stems fx can be used at the same time

BUILD 7388 (2022-12-27)

-New option stemsSavedFolder to save stems on separate folder or drive
-Countdown vdjscript
-Fix finding lyrics in video editor

BUILD 7360 (2022-12-05)

- MAC: fix regression on macos10.x and 11 in last build
- MAC: fix homefolder from past appstore install being chosen over old vdj2021 homefolder
- PC: automatically use GPU on AMD RX and Intel Arc cards

BUILD 7358 (2022-12-04)

- fix issue with DDJ-REV7 and stems2.0

BUILD 7356 (2022-12-01)

VirtualDJ 2023 with Stems 2.0

Try the best stem separation on the market, and have your mind blown away

BUILD 7183 (2022-10-20)

-Performance improvements when using Pioneer CDJ
-Performance improvement when computing stems
-Fix Virtual Folder not saving order when moving songs
-Improve padfx script for use with stems, add "solostem:stemname", "mutestem:stemname" or "stemfx:stemname" at the end to specify
-Add vstFxFolder option

BUILD 7151 (2022-09-29)

-Improve VST3 support
-Automix Editor fixes
-Fix adding songs to Tidal playlists not working in some cases

BUILD 7131 (2022-09-11)

-Support for Denon Prime GO
-Fix playing some videos on mac causing high memory usage
-Add Snap option to Track Cleaner
-Improve Shader visualization to show thumbnails
-Improve auto-generated vdjEdit when linking video file to audio
-Stem Creator for producers to create their own precomputed stems from the original stems (use open_stem_creator to access)

BUILD 7059 (2022-08-10)

-Fix Shader plugin BeatMove option on M1 mac
-Fix using transitions with Slideshow plugin on mac
-Loop Auto-Trigger option in poi editor

BUILD 7032 (2022-07-05)

-Support for Pioneer DJM-S5
-Improve multi-bpm bpm analysis in BPM editor
-Fix video playback crash on mac

BUILD 6978 (2022-06-12)

-Support for DJTechTools Midi Fighter Twister and Midi Fighter 3D
-Improved video performance
-Slideshow plugin has Next and Previous buttons
-Fix pitch bend on controllers with motorized jog wheel
-add automixDoubleClick option to select what happens when double-clicking a track in automix while automix is active
-Add filter folder fields 'has action poi' and 'has cue points'

BUILD 6921 (2022-05-08)

-Support for Numark NS4FX
-Support for Numark Mixstream Pro controller
-Support for The Next Beat by Tiƫsto controller
-Add 'In Playlist' column for browser info panel
-Improved performance when using controller with motorized jog wheels

BUILD 6886 (2022-04-10)

-Pioneer DDJ-REV1 support
-Bug fixes

BUILD 6878 (2022-03-27)

-Support for Pioneer DDJ-Rev7
-Support for Traktor Kontrol D2
-Merge FX added for Pioneer DDJ-FLX6
-Fix when using multiple Rane Twelve on mac
-Improve browsing speed on mac

BUILD 6839 (2022-02-18)

-Support for Pioneer XDJ-RX3
-Support for Traktor Kontrol S8
-Support for Hercules DJ Console Mix
-cdjExportCuesAsMemoryPoints option added
-Charts added to VJPro and iDJPool online music folders
-Waveforms in browser generated on the fly when analyzeSongsOnView is enabled

BUILD 6800 (2022-01-16)

-Fixes and improvements to database backup feature
-Restart Play parameter for BrakeStart effect to start playback again when stopped with slip mode enabled
-Pioneer DJM-S11 Transport and Gatecue pad pages

BUILD 6747 (2021-11-15)

-Fix multiple camera's getting same name on macOS Montery
-Fix VirtualDJ not opening on older mac after updating to macOS 10.15.7
-Fix graphics bugs on macOS Montery

BUILD 6732 (2021-11-01)

-macOS 12 Montery support
-Fix video preview not updated when video effects active and video unloaded
-Fix negative video effect on M1 mac
-Fix crash recording a sample from loop on deck when using kick or hihat stems
-Fix automaticDatabaseBackupPeriod option saving backups too fast

BUILD 6677 (2021-10-01)

-Fix crash or video corruption recording at 480p or lower when recording to webm on windows
-search_folder action to search for playlist or virtual folder by name
-Add "Explicit" to comment tag for Beatsource
-Fix add/remove files to Tidal playlist
-Show loop on waveform while loop in is active

BUILD 6646 (2021-09-26)

-New default keyboard mapper. Start typing to start searching,
hold ALT pressed to show keyboard overlay and
double-press ALT to make it sticky and use shortcuts without holding ALT
-Pioneer Link fix for combination of CDJ3000 and DJM900 or CDJ2000NXS2 and DJM-V10
-pitch_bend can be used to move song while paused
-Fix order of songs in remixes/geniusdj sideview for local results
-Improved video recording and video broadcast performance

BUILD 6613 (2021-08-29)

-Improved video performance on M1 mac
-Fix compatibility with some cameras
-Fix database restore not saving restored database completely
-Add browser column to show Title (Remix) combined
-Online catalogs show bpm and key for playlist, charts and search results, when available
-Fix beatport/beatsource adding and removing tracks from playlists
-Fix Ableton Link plugin not switching decks when run on master
-Fix bug with Denon controllers with screens when resizing skin

BUILD 6541 (2021-07-02)

-Add netsearchAudioQuality option for Tidal Hifi
-Improve video performance on macOS
-Folder properties dialog to set color
-Add Wireless Display opton to video output menu
-Lottery plugin improvements
-Add Order column for playlists and virtual folders
-Fix Rane One motor stopping when 2 computers are connected simultaneously
-Add support for Midiplus Smartpad
-Pioneer Link now supported for any combination of DJM-900NXS2, DJM-V10, CDJ2000NXS2 and CDJ3000
-Optimize CPU stem separation performance

BUILD 6503 (2021-06-08)

-Support for Allen&Heath Xone:23C and Xone:43C
-Preserve playlist order when loading CDJ usb database
-Support for import/export CDJ MyTag to User1/User2 fields
-Beatport support for Macs with M1 processor
-Split pad pages (in pad_page drop-down, or from controllers hold the first pad mode button and then click the second one)
-Fix video recording on Macs with M1 processor
-rememberRecurse browser option

BUILD 6444 (2021-05-11)

-Support for Pioneer DJM-S7
-Support for Numark Partymix MKII and Partymix Live
-Bug fixes for CDJ Export
-New Export dialog for playlists and virtual folders
-Empty fields available in group by filter folders

BUILD 6418 (2021-04-26)

- CDJ Export:
Prepare and export to a USB-stick directly from VirtualDJ, including automatic stem separation, to play on any CDJ without your laptop.

- Hashtags:
Organize your database with powerful hashtags, and use quickfilters to find your next songs faster than ever.

- Color Rules & Quick Filters:
Easily differentiate the tracks in your library based on your rules, or quickly refine the view without needing a keyboard search.

BUILD 6334 (2021-03-07)

-Rane One support
-Reloop Buddy support
-Stem Effects: Use effects and slip mode scratch only on specific parts of the song
-Allow selecting genre from browser info panel

BUILD 6294 (2021-02-07)

-Fix stems processing on some nVidia GPU's
-Improvements for controllers with motorized platters

BUILD 6263 (2021-01-20)

-Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 supported
-Novation Launchpad X supported
-Fix for Denon controllers with screens

BUILD 6242 (2021-01-05)

-Fix incorrect controller initialization in previous update

BUILD 6240 (2020-12-29)

-Support for Pioneer DJM-S11
-Native support for Mac with M1 processor
-Scratchbank pad page added
-Improvements for controllers with motorized jog wheels

BUILD 6156 (2020-11-09)

-Support for Pioneer CDJ-3000 and Pioneer DJM-V10
-Pioneer CDJ wave colors match color settings in vdj
-Ducking Echo effect added (install from extensions)
-Add option for using Local history for searching recommended tracks to play next or similar songs to selected in Remix sideview tab
-Separate length option for video files in Slideshow plugin
-Add deck select mode on first run on Pioneer CDJ's

BUILD 6106 (2020-09-14)

-Tidal streaming support
-In the Browser File Info tab, Year is clickable to look up from discogs when empty, and last played/playcount clickable to look up song in playlists and history
-Add support for reading RekordBox 6 playlists
-Fix when connecting 2 denon controllers sometimes the controller and screen deck don't match
-Fix flac and wav recording issues
-Store waveform overviews in cache for faster loading

BUILD 6067 (2020-08-16)

-Rane Twelve MKII support
-Rane Seventy Two MKII support
-Echo Out effect added
-Fix waveform refresh issue while stems loading on ddj-1000
-Fix SandBox volume on DDJ-RZX
-Improve video streaming on slower network connections
-Fix import iTunes ratings on macOS 10.15

BUILD 6042 (2020-07-27)

- general improvements on stems separation quality
- new parameter (in pads section) called "bleed", that lets you adjust the stems separation parameters on the fly to optimize for each song
- support for NI Traktor Kontrol S3

BUILD 6017 (2020-07-14)

- improved stem separation
- controller pads have new easy menu to reassign
- Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 support

BUILD 5980 (2020-07-02)

- Lower latency on stems manipulation (especially inside small loops or quick hotcues)
- Improved stability

BUILD 5949 (2020-06-25)

- option to save pre-calculated stems to files (right-click on songs and choose "precompute stems", or use performance option 'precomputeStems')
- show bpm and key on soundcloud searches
- fix several small crashes

BUILD 5929 (2020-06-21)

- fix potential crash when loading a new song before previous finished
- improved sound quality of new EQs

BUILD 5926 (2020-06-21)

- improves new EQ speed

BUILD 5922 (2020-06-19)

- improved sound quality on stems separation

BUILD 5918 (2020-06-18)



VirtualDJ 2021 uses advanced technology and the power of modern computers
to revolutionize what DJs can do.

With real-time stem separation on any track, perfect live mashups and
seamless transitions are now the new normal :

- ModernEQs can achieve a much more accurate separation than traditional
frequency-based equalizers, and help achieve perfect transitions like never before.

- The new stem PADS will let you create live mash-ups and remixes in real-time easily,
and let your creativity fly free.

- The new waveforms give a clearer than ever view of your tracks.

BUILD 5874 (2020-06-18)

-Fix crash loading some files

BUILD 5872 (2020-06-11)

-Mixtrack Pro FX and Mixtrack Platinum FX support
-Rane Seventy supported
-BeatSource curated playlists
-Beatport genre charts
-animated gif supported in video editor
-Fix backspin not respecting slip mode

BUILD 5754 (2020-05-17)

-Beatsource Online music source
-Add mixcloud as video streaming option
-Slideshow and Camera can be used as source in video skin
-Fix crash on some videos with AMD graphics cards
-Fix detection of Rane Seventy-Two new firmware on mac
-Fix text effect not drawing multi-line texts centered

BUILD 5681 (2020-04-29)

-Pioneer DJM-750MK2 support
-Camera plugin can swap between multiple camera's automatically
-Fix some animated gif not working in sampler
-Fix BeatGrid buttons not lighting up
-Fix text effect text cut off
-Fix some shaders unable to download
-search_playlists to search for a song inside your playlists or virtual folders
-Add outline option for text effect

BUILD 5647 (2020-04-12)

-Fix hardware accelerated video-playback crashing on some windows systems
-Fix sample editor not showing image samples
-Allow backtic in skin menu names to make the name a query
-Fix beatport playlists showing only first 100 tracks
-Add Scroll speed to text effect
-Fix some text effects not shown in video editor on mac

BUILD 5630 (2020-04-03)

-Pioneer XDJ-XZ support
-Photon Fader support
-Mixars Quattro support
-Sample Editor shows video timeline for video samples
-Colored overview waveform in editors
-Camera plugin has option for chroma key
-Sample banks in sampler_bank list ordered the same as in browser
-Fix some videos not showing on older gpu's in Windows 64-bit version
-Fix swap_decks not swapping video
-Allow transition plugins to be used in Slideshow

BUILD 5504 (2020-02-02)

-Pioneer DDJ-XP2 support
-Numark DJ2Go2 Touch support
-swap_decks script added
-Fix distortion effect feedback parameter
-Add support for videos encoded with the AV1 video codec
-Restore Database Backup option

BUILD 5478 (2020-01-08)

-Pioneer DJM-S3 support
-Pioneer DJM-250MKII support
-Reloop Elite support
-Fix iTunes Reload database option on macOS 10.15
-Fix deleting and renaming zipped sample banks from browser
-Allow play/pause from software while timecode active
-Fix crash reading corrupt database
-Fix samplerHeadphones option not taking effect on startup
-filter_activate can include colorfx name (filter_activate "echo" for example)
-Optional extra sampler toolbar for sampler effects and sampler master volume
-Fix OS2L not sending beat when key change is applied
-Improve accuracy and update speed of bpm detection on Line In decks
-Fix rhythm wave for line in on deck
-Brakestart effect also works on line in deck, sampler, mic and master effects
-Fix boothMicrophone not working when master output present
-saved_loop_display action, savedLoopDisplay config option and added to saved loop pad page
-Master mix in headphones now includes master and post-fader effects
-AV1 video codec supported on windows

BUILD 5402 (2019-11-13)

-Fix delay on macOS 10.15 when windows are closed
-macOS 10.15 iTunes playlist fixes
-Fix limiter not working correctly on mac in certain cases
-Update soundswitch id on reload tags
-Fix 'set' not accepting relative values
-Automix properly sets keyChange and compatible with autoKey

BUILD 5352 (2019-10-23)

-New "remixes" panel in sideview
-Fix potential slow-downs on macOS Catalina
-Various fixes on the default skin
-Booth output includes master effects
-Clone_deck also clones key change
-Cover art can be used to create video link
-Fix potential crash when reading certain AVI and WMA tags

BUILD 5308 (2019-09-22)


More power to elevate your mix, and looking better than ever.

VirtualDJ 2020 comes with a brand new look, optimized for today's modern DJs.
(you can still find the old interface in the Interface page under "Old", if you'd prefer to take your time to switch)

It also brings some new features, like the new Event Scheduler, an improved Advanced Harmonic Mixing,
Beatport compatibility, and many smaller improvements.
And of course, it keeps the stability VirtualDJ is now famous for.

BUILD 5281 (2019-09-16)

-New video transition effect: vertical slide
-New keyboard action ONSONGLOAD to execute a script on every song load
-SmartPlay uses correct bpm value in case of multi-bpm tracks, and respects globalQuantize setting
-Don't close search results when dragging search result to playlist/virtual folder in folder tree
-New config option waveformCenter
-Fix itunes folder on macOS 10.15
-Fix glitch on end of loop out effect in some cases with Fade and Step mode
-Fix context sub-menu popping up on other screen when opening at right edge of screen

BUILD 5186 (2019-08-05)

-Numark Scratch supported
-Fix Pioneer RZX screens on mac
-Fix downloading shaders
-Add No Fade mode to loop out effect
-Fix using overlay video effects on sampler
-Separate vertical and horizontal scratch wave zoom levels
-showGridlines option added for scratch and rhythm waves
-Add mic_eq_mid action
-Use master tempo for small pitch corrections using motor wheels

BUILD 5046 (2019-06-26)

-Reloop RP-8000MK2 support
-Pioneer DJM-450 support
-Fix select folder dialog on mac not responding to mouse clicks properly
-Fix moving a file to a different volume on mac
-Old Denon ASIO driver no longer used on windows (will use WASAPI instead)
-Text video overlay improvements
-Allow hiding sidelist, karaoke and sampler in sideview
-Fix text cut off in browser in some skins
-browserDaysSongsAreNew option added

BUILD 5003 (2019-06-12)

-Fix for MCX8000 screens on mac

BUILD 5002 (2019-06-09)

-Pioneer DDJ-800 supported
-Fix facebook, icecast and shoutcast streaming
-Don't apply master volume to recording
-Fix for DDJ-1000 on mac losing control on fast pitch changes sometimes
-Fix creating filter folders
-Rename option for pad pages
-Smart play limits auto matching bpm to +-10%

BUILD 4918 (2019-05-09)

-Support for Phase timecode
-Denon DJ X1800 Prime support
-SoundCloud Go+ available as online music source
-Camera plugin update for mac
-Fix using Loop Out together with Reverb or Echo
-mic_talkover vdjscript added
-Blur effect, and Blur Black Bars effect to add blurred background for video's with black bars
-Allow pad pages to be made favorite, and pad_page_favorite action to quickly access it (right-click on page in pad editor to select)
-Option to have a controller's pad page independent of main pad page (controllers options, right-click controller, select 'Independent Pad Page')
-Mobius direction different on left and right side of colorfx
-automixMaxLength option to limit play time of a song in automix
-Allow sorting shaders in folders (right-click on shader to move it to a folder)
-FreeStyler added as native plugin
-On-Screen keyboard fixes for windows 10 touch screens

BUILD 4787 (2019-03-14)

-Mixars Primo support
-Rane Twelve support
-Harmonic mixing made easier with Match Key button in default skin, autokey limited to 1 semitone changes and browser view making it easier to find harmonically compatible songs
-keyDisplay setting added to toggle between Harmonic and Musical key display
-Cue points always instant play on motorized jog controllers
-auto-update browser when key changes
-Pads, mappers and filter folders included in database backup
-Add key selection and key matching modes to sample editor

BUILD 4756 (2019-02-17)

-Allow video and shoutcast broadcast at the same time
-Fix Virtual Folder not showing sub-folders in some cases
-Backup Database option
-Fix DDJ-1000 fx screen on mac

BUILD 4742 (2019-01-28)

-Rane Seventy-Two support added
-Color FX selection on default skins by clicking the FILTER label
-Fix camera plugin crash
-Fix numark nv waveform refresh too quickly on mac
-Fix lockFolderOrder
-Virtual Folders fix for content not showing

BUILD 4720 (2018-12-16)

-Loop Roll compatible with colorfx
-New tab style for bottom sideview toolbar
-Fix video sample recording issues
-Fix shader position when transparency is used
-miditovst_active action added to toggle midi to vst on/off
-After recording a mix, add cue points for each track played

BUILD 4675 (2018-11-19)

-Support for Hercules Starlight, InPulse 200, InPulse 300, Pioneer XDJ-RR and Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3
-Allow using LiveFeedback and GeniusDJ in sideview
-New Extensions page in Settings
-New Tutorials page in Settings
-Ableton Link plugin
-Improved video performance

BUILD 4592 (2018-10-07)

-simpler Connect window
-improve video recording and broadcasting performance
-improve database loading speed on Windows
-improve some effects
-support newest controllers on the market
-fix potential crash with one specific broken sampler pack

BUILD 4537 (2018-09-05)

-Pioneer DDJ-RZX support
-Allow drag&drop of skin cover to put song loaded on deck in playlist
-karaokeAutoRemovePlayed option
-Deezer playlist refreshed when re-opening
-Cloudlists are cached for offline access
-Automix editor fixes for overlapping songs

BUILD 4514 (2018-07-31)

-Pioneer DDJ-SX3 support
-Pioneer DDJ-400 support
-Delay effect added
-Automix Editor visual improvements
-Fix for video effects applied on deck
-Transparency option for shaders
-Video skins for karaoke mode
-Loop Out respects quantizeLoop and globalQuantize
-Improve automatic correction of playlists when drive letter changed
-Slip option added to Loop Out plugin

BUILD 4459 (2018-06-28)

-Fix shaders beat when activated on a specific deck
-Fix camera plugin on Windows
-Fix compatibility with Windows XP
-Fix some small stability issues

BUILD 4444 (2018-06-19)


See details of the new features on

Show on big screens or projectors what you are a doing with the mix,
in a way that will entertain your audience with more than just your audio.

Tap into the unlimited creativity of the demoscene competitions, and use
the thousands of shaders from ShaderToy to visualize your audio tracks.

In an era of social media dominance, keep your presence and your fans by video
broadcasting your mixes directly and easily on most major social platforms.

Every scratch can be expressed with a few letters, like the human genome.
Automate your scratches and tinker with their DNA sequence to discover new sounds.

And of course, the stability of VirtualDJ has been maintained to rock-solid level.

BUILD 4291 (2018-04-26)

-Fixes for interlaced video playback
-Add Sawtooth and Reverse parameter for Mobius Audio effect
-Show key change on singer dialog
-Update rating from browser info
-Broadcast respects cleanTagsInDeckDisplay option
-Show warning when database could not be opened
-Fix browserSearchByFirstLetter option
-Slideshow remembers position in video

BUILD 4204 (2018-03-23)

-Pioneer DDJ-SB3 support
-Pioneer XDJ-RX2 support
-Mixar DUO MK2 support
-Pioneer DDJ-1000 support
-Unlock TC inputs on Pioneer DDJ-SX2
-Hercules Instinct P8 supported
-Hercules P32DJ supported
-Reloop KUT supported
-Roland DJ-202 and DJ-505 supported
-Mixvibes VFX supported
-Pioneer DDJ-RX uses 14-bit pitch-slider (requires firmware update)
-Fix sample editor not showing phase correctly
-Pad editor compatible with 16 pads (when 16-pad controller connected)
-Fix playing video edits in sampler
-Improve LiveFeedback results
-Pioneer DDJ-XP1 supported
-POI editor shows cue point colors on waveform
-2 deck skin key panel shows key offset
-save key change in karaoke history

BUILD 3994 (2017-11-15)

-Reloop Touch improvements
-Fix GeniusDJ lookup when GeniusDJ folder not visible in folder tree
-Allow to set venue name for karaoke
-Karaoke singers list filled in based on venue, and selectable with controller scroll knob
-Video previews in prelisten player
-Fix maximum zoom level in automix editor
-fix match_key action
-doubleclick vdjscript action added

BUILD 3967 (2017-10-27)

-Pioneer DDJ-SR2 support
-Reloop Touch support
-Sample volumes are remembered when switching banks
-Fix crash dragging from karaoke history playlist
-Fix crash recording line input on deck
-karaoke singer filled in when dragging from karaoke history to karaoke playlist

BUILD 3954 (2017-10-15)

-Fix duplicate iTunes folders showing up since recent iTunes update
-Karaoke set name remembers list of names entered in current session for faster entry

BUILD 3936 (2017-10-03)

-CoverFlow visualisation
-Support for .vst plugin filename on Mac
-Fix green first frame on interlaced videos
-Fix pulselocker crash
-KeyCue pad page has option to disable cue jump
-Numark DJ2GO2 supported
-Fix deezer facebook login
-Track cleaner fixes
-When a user is logged in to Deezer, groove music or content unlimited and tries to load a Spotify link (from old playlist for example), an alternative is automatically searched for in Deezer and loaded
-fix dragging folder icons using touch screen
-Action and Load POI's also allow color to be set
-Numark NS6-II support added
-Fix video editor text effects on mac
-Fix timecode pitch readout off sometimes
-Add support for Reloop RMX90DVS
-Improve browser grid view
-Can pause karaoke track with karaoke engine enabled

BUILD 3870 (2017-08-22)

-Fix webm recording on mac
-Improve lyrics lookup in video editor
-Fix ask the dj twitter hash tags not shown
-Fix pitch wobble on fast pitch changes

BUILD 3848 (2017-08-16)

-Add right-click options Play Next, Add To Automix and Mix Now while automix is enabled
-Allow video effects on sampler effect slot (using effect_select "sampler" script)
-Add support for Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2
-Add support for Pioneer XDJ-RX
-Automatic clean up and formatting of artist/title/remix/featuring on decks
-Traktor playlist support
-Fix sampler sync when no deck is playing

BUILD 3798 (2017-07-02)

-Beat grid more accurate while loading a new file
-Allow discogs for batch downloading of track info
-Groove Music support
-Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 fixes
-Traktor Kontrol X1MKII updates

BUILD 3780 (2017-06-18)

-Spiral audio effect added
-Touchbar support on mac to control pads
-Improved bpm and gain analyzer
-ReWire launch panel opened when initializing ReWire device
-Fix some older effects not working correctly

BUILD 3752 (2017-05-22)

-Fix memory leak on content unlimited downloads
-Fix loading second Spotify track not working sometimes
-Allow non-Deezer tracks to be added to Deezer playlist
-Allow non-Spotify tracks to be added to Spotify playlists
-Reloop RP-4000 mapping updated with support for custom pad pages
-fix fallback audio device not working correctly
-allow creating/unfollowing spotify playlists
-Fix lrc files for lyrics sometimes not playing

BUILD 3734 (2017-05-07)

-Spotify playlist and search fixes
-Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 support

BUILD 3731 (2017-05-02)

-Roland DJ-808 supported
-Hardware-accelerated video recording on mac
-Fix ask the DJ twitter
-bpm analyzer improvements
-Akai MPD226 supported

BUILD 3696 (2017-04-14)

-Fix removing virtual folders when placed in Lists root folder
-automix_add_next added
-midiclock_active added to toggle sending midi clock on/off

BUILD 3678 (2017-03-31)

-Fix creating new filter folders directly in system/virtual folders
-Hide locally unavailable tracks from pulselocker downloaded content folder
-Fix cover art crash on mac
-Send speaker configuration to VST plugin (fixes incorrect channels in Izotope plugin)
-Add zoom parameter to camera plugin

BUILD 3671 (2017-03-24)

-Pulselocker plugin added for pro users
-Add support for shell VST's (one dll containing multiple plugins)

BUILD 3663 (2017-03-21)

-Deezer/Spotify plugins added for VirtualDJ Pro users
-Fix video issues on some nVidia cards with a lot of video memory
-Fix lockup when maximizing on os x and auto-hide menu bar is on
-Allow internet files in filter folder
-add autoMixMode with Fade Out and Cut In
-Support for AKAI APC40 MKII and AKAI MPD218 added
-Fix time display for karaoke history folder not showing date
-Fix video edit not playing on mac with useDXVA enabled
-Fix auto-generating track edit with video with no sound
-New filter word: duplicates
-Fix Discogs cover art
-Improve group by year range 10 filter folder
-Lookup empty year and genre from discogs in tag editor using option button
-Improve wave detail in bpm editor
-Show waveform overview in editors
-Fix deinterlace not working after loading a non-interlaced video
-Folder Tree organization change
-Performance improvement loading big skins

BUILD 3573 (2017-01-16)

-Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 support
-Denon MC7000 supported
-Pioneer DJM-S9 supported
-Improve stream selection when file has multiple audio streams
-pitchResetSpeed option added
-fix docking of effects in skins with multiple browsers
-Fix pad_button_color
-Small slideshow fix (one image not shown before repeat)
-when forward-spin is enabled, song resumes when normal speed is reached instead of waiting for complete stop
-group by filter folder no longer shows results marked hidden from search db
-xdj 1000 browser improvement
-Rotated video support in decks and slideshow
-Fix video recording audio sync issue when input samplerate different from record samplerate
-Fix track edits with track cover
-Fade from video to image and image to video in slideshow
-Improve mouse/touch backspins

BUILD 3523 (2016-11-24)

-Slideshow switches to new folder faster on selection
-Video fading for slideshow
-effect_string action to set string value of effects that support it (slideshow allows changing path from script)
-browser_export exports playtime for history folders
-Numark NV CBG support
-browsed_song action to modify fields such as rating from browsed file
-Automix smart tempo aligns to beat-grid
-Fix some issues with multi-window skins
-Fix some HID controllers not detected

BUILD 3471 (2016-10-22)

-Fix notifications sometimes not shown on mac
-Fix automix editor sometimes not drawing wave correctly
-Improve camera plugin when quickly starting/stopping
-Fix slow browser update when multiple cdj's share the same mapping
-maxPreloadLength now an automatic setting by default
-Improved stability
-Improve video memory detection on mac

BUILD 3456 (2016-10-15)

-Numark NVII support
-Fix crash on mac accessing clipboard
-Fix possible automix gap when harddrive responds too slow
-Add ability to manually mark songs as played
-Fix Title plugin select color

BUILD 3440 (2016-10-08)

-Fix potential broadcast crash
-Text plugin on top of visualisations and sampler

BUILD 3432 (2016-10-04)

-Podcast warning message when still uploading when closing
-Remember clock 12/24 setting
-fix possible flash of old video at end of automix video transition
-Zoom for numark controller waveforms
-Improved first beat of measure detection

BUILD 3420 (2016-09-24)

-Support CDJ2000NXS2 firmware v1.5
-Various controller improvements
-Fix video editor lock up when resizing
-Fix editing remix field when originally parsed from filename

BUILD 3409 (2016-09-14)

-Denon MCX8000 support
-Numark Dashboard support
-get_browsed_song 'length' 'ms' added
-Add get_browsed_song 'title_remix'

BUILD 3398 (2016-09-04)

- New 'Add Lyrics' in Video Editor
- Automatic UPnP (firewall) for direct broadcasting

-Support for Quartz Compositions as video effects on Mac
-Boom Auto speed parameter based on beats
-Allow video to load when audio fails
-Fix removing drive on mac closing all external databases instead of only the removed drive
-Fix incorrect saving of size of video window when it is minimized
-Fix reading karaoke cdg files with bad sync
-Fix crash in Mac camera plugin
-Fix sampler not showing text or image at some sizes
-Cover download fix
-Fix pad crash for generic midi controller

BUILD 3343 (2016-08-01)

-ID3 tag ratings are compatible with windows explorer/media player ratings
-VST effect interfaces work on mac
-Fix lockup on startup when skin error on mac
-Fix slideshow fade time not remembered
-Add option 'fxProcessing' to select pre- or post-fader effects
-Improve camera plugin performance and automatic resolution selection
-Fix getting dimmed colors from color action
-Fix moving files in list while automix is removing played files

BUILD 3324 (2016-07-18)

-Fix slideshow on mac
-Fix audio stopping for plus licenses (for controllers that share ASIO drivers with other controllers)
-Shuffle once places currently playing song at the top to ensure entire list gets played
-Fix mix_and_load_next
-Fix possible loss of custom mapper when switching between mappers of the same controller
-keycue pad page added

BUILD 3311 (2016-07-12)

-Fix lockup in cover art window
-Removable drive connect/disconnect support on mac
-Fix text input using touch screen
-Fix reading of certain id3 tags
-Fix crash on corrupt tags in tag editor
-Fix automix editor crash
-Fix videoForceFullScreen mode not working correctly in 8.2
-Fix incorrect loop lengths shown in POI editor
-Scratch/Rhythm wave grid more stable
-Fix last move/copy folder not remembered

BUILD 3291 (2016-07-04)

-audio engine performance improvement
-pioneer ddj-rr support
-Fix effect drop-down for slot 2
-Fix crash trying to delete effect through effect list drop down

BUILD 3286 (2016-06-24)


Atomix Productions is proud to announce a new version of its flagship software VirtualDJ, which brings many important improvements and new features:

In an era where DJ hardware is moving more and more toward a better synergy with DJ software, we redesigned VirtualDJ to be more controller-centric.
As such, the new pad section will fit right at home on most modern controllers, but at the same time brings a versatility and easiness that is the trademark of VirtualDJ.

The audio engine has been improved, and we managed to perfect even more our already top-of-the-line BPM analysis algorithm.
And our acclaimed video engine also saw some significant performance boost with a smarter use of hardware acceleration.

The connected aspect has not been forgotten, with some brand new features like Ask.The.DJ

And of course, the overall stability has been maintained to rock-solid level, with the lowest crash ratio in the industry.

BUILD 2857 (2016-02-17)

-Fix hardware-accelerated decoding for some videos
-Fix unable to remove favorite folder when original folder no longer exists
-Fix re-opening of selected filter folder if it is inside a virtual folder
-Fix dual-deck automix mode not proceeding when fade length is 0
-Fix database issue when a corrupt database is detected

BUILD 2844 (2016-02-05)

-EQ kill reset with resetEQOnLoad
-Improved sample video playback
-Controller updates

BUILD 2832 (2016-01-30)

-Improve video playback for samples and slideshow
-Fix file naming when using record_cut
-Fix video when crossfader when crossfader_hamster activated
-Fix headphonesgain not applied for sandbox
-Fix mouse over visual issue in browser

BUILD 2828 (2016-01-27)

-Fix Podcasting
-Fix some rare crashes
-Fix saving samples failing sometimes
-Controller mappings updated for colored cue points

BUILD 2821 (2016-01-19)

-Fix bpm analysis on samplerate other than 44khz
-Fix import of Serato track colours
-Fix delay when quickly loading songs in a deck other than deck 1
-Fix loading of some cached content unlimited files on mac
-Fix browser_sort action not reversing sort
- Can select a colour for a cue point in the POI editor
- cue_colour command to get/set cue point colour
- Add colour selection for saved loops
- Add 'loop_color' command to get/set saved loop colour
-Fix database loading issue when drive connected after startup
-Fix deadlock on copying file that already exists in destination using drag&drop
-Scratchwave adjusted for zeroDb setting

BUILD 2770 (2016-01-02)

-Large performance improvement when scanning songs for bpm etc
-Performance improvement for startup/closing times
-Improve cloud list song searches
-Saving a loop that isn't set on the deck obeys the quantizeLoop setting
-Triggering a saved loop obeys the smart_cue setting
-useKeyFromTag option added to use key stored in tag instead of calculated value
-writing mp4 tags works when no room left at beginning of file
-Fix reading genre tag of WMA tags sometimes containing composer
-Fix lockup when loading an unscanned track with a samplerate higher than the output samplerate
-Fix start of sample being cut off by ramp up
-Fix switching input in Camera plugin
-Fix forced custom controller definitions not being loaded correctly
-Fix potential problem on exit when taskbar notification is visible
-Fix netsearch change in protocol
-Fix potential rare crash on some skins without waveforms
-Touch friendly context menu for covers
-Touch friendly context menu for browser column headers
-Add run time to get_clock tooltip
-Fix will play at times for automix shuffle
-Fix not playing all files in automix shuffle
-Fix rare crash on bad id3 tag
-Fix crash on exit when sending history fails
-Support for single deck skins to load in only 1 deck on double-click
-Preserve aspect ratio of images used in sampler based on letterBoxing setting
-Improved parsing of karaoke tags from filename
-Allow command line opening of songs on windows
-Improve selection of audio only visualisation instance so that settings are correctly used
-Delete .cdg when deleting .mp3
-Remove unplayable results from xiami netsearch results
-Waveform overview fully calculated for streaming songs
-Fix possible crash on mac using maximize/minimize/close actions from controller
-Fix remove played removing currently playing song in automix
-fix potential issue with edit filter folder option on mac

BUILD 2587 (2015-11-29)

-Remove clutter from iTunes root folder (Books, PDFs, Apps, etc...)
-Fix rare potential issue when changing sampler banks very fast
-Fix rare out of memory crash when loading new tracks to a deck non-stop
-Fix issue when removing and re-adding cloudList root folder
-Fix issue with loop_save with no slot specified

BUILD 2582 (2015-11-20)

NEW: VirtualDJ 8.1 !
this new version is mostly focused on stability
and is a strongly recommended update.
- overall improved stability
- new Shazam integration
- new GeniusDJ folder
- new CloudList with collaborative lists

BUILD 2523 (2015-11-11)

- fix NetSearch new format