Horizontal Sidelist

How can I display the SideList underneath the browser instead of on the side?

In VirtualDJ 8 the SideList is in the SideView area of the browser to easily toggle through the different browser elements and features such as Automix or the Sampler. If you prefer the Sidelist to be displayed at the bottom of the browser like in previous versions of the software, this can be changed in VirtualDJ's settings.

Go to SETTINGS OPTIONS and make sure Show Advanced Options is checked in the upper right hand corner. Search for the setting showHorizontalSideList and change it's value to yes.

NOTE: This will not disable the vertical SideList in the SideView. You will have the ability to use both SideList views but they will contain the same files as they are linked together. In order to not see the vertical SideList, choose another feature (Automix, Sampler, etc) to be displayed in the SideView.

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