Hercules MK2 Setup

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For succesful installation in Vista, avoiding the DirectX error and many others...
Before you install ANYTHING download the latest drivers from the hercules technical support website:


and the latest version of Virtual DJ from this website, then right-click the installers and execute as administrator EVEN IF YOU CURRENTLY ARE IN ADMINISTRATOR'S ACCOUNT.
Do anything that asks you to do, ex: connect to the USB, etc...
This should leave no problems.

If you have already installed something unsuccesfully, enter to control panel and uninstall everything that has the name Hercules or Virtual DJ in it, reboot your PC, reinstall everything (right-click, execute as administrator) in one go, REBOOT BEFORE OPENING VIRTUAL DJ OR ANYTHING ELSE, and then it should be ready! Enjoy!

Headphones, output, input...
It might be stupid for some, but as a new user I understand (personal experience) that you are in a total loss with this part...
This is exactly how the hercules technical support will ask you to configure:

1-Connect the speakers (or the amplification system) in the 1/2 output
2-You can connect the headphones at the back (3/4 output) or at the front (headphones)
3-If you have the Virtual DJ Pro the settings should be as follows:
Inputs: None
Outputs: Headphones
Soundcard: DJ Console MK2

Hope this helps, should you have any issues, feel free to post a comment in the forums and the community should help you out, and
if I see your comment I'll try and help as much as I can.