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 External mixer pre-listening with headphones

Q. How do I pre-listen to songs with my headphones when using an external DJ audio mixer?

To use an external DJ audio mixer with VirtualDJ, you will first need either the full VirtualDJ Professional or VirtualDJ Basic. Home, limited (LE) and console editions do not support the use of an external mixer, however this setup can be tried for 10 minutes at a time in VirtualDJ Home FREE.

NOTE: VirtualDJ Basic does not support the use of MIDI controllers, e.g: Hercules DJ Console, etc. If you also wish to use a MIDI controller, you will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional.

You will either need two sound cards or a sound card with multiple outputs, such as a 5.1 surround sound card or preferably a dedicated DJ sound card with at least 2 stereo outputs, such as Numark DJIO. This will allow you to output the sound from each VirtualDJ deck to two separate channels on your external DJ mixer. If you are using a desktop PC, in most cases this will already have a 5.1 (Or 6.1/7.1) card built-in.

Once you have suitable sound card(s), you will then need to go into CONFIG -> Sound Setup, choose Outputs: External Mixer and select the appropriate sound card(s). Then connect suitable cables from the outputs of your sound card(s) to two channels on your external mixer.

Once setup as above, simply plug your headphones into the headphone socket of the mixer. You will then be able to pre-listen to the music by pressing the PFL or CUE button of the appropriate channel (Please see the mixer's user manual for further information.)

Make sure that the software crossfader in VirtualDJ (On the on-screen skin) is in the centre position and the volume sliders are fully up (Maximum), otherwise no sound will be output to the mixer and you will not be able to headphone pre-listen from it. You will need to use the real crossfader, volume sliders, gain, etc. on the external mixer, not the VirtualDJ skin.

For 4 deck output, you will need an 8-out (4 stereo) sound card. 4 deck output can only be configured in advanced sound configuration. In CONFIG -> Sound Setup, choose Outputs: Advanced Config and then choose the following:

Deck 1 | Your Soundcard's name | Outputs 1&2
Deck 2 | Your Soundcard's name | Outputs 3&4
Deck 3 | Your Soundcard's name | Outputs 5&6
Deck 4 | Your Soundcard's name | Outputs 7&8

Click APPLY.

NOTE: An all-in-one MIDI controller such as Hercules DJ Console, Numark MixTrack, etc. is not a mixer. These are software-based MIDI controllers designed to replicate the layout of a traditional hardware DJ mixer. However, these software controllers do not usually have any hardware mixing capabilities of their own and cannot function without being connected to a computer running DJ software such as VirtualDJ. If you are using a controller like this for live gigs, you should always have some sort of backup solution ready to go in case of emergency. Some higher-end mains powered all-in-one controllers may have an emergency thru option for a backup source or even hardware mixing capabilities.

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