DRM Files

Q: I am having problems loading and playing songs that I purchased on iTunes or Rhapsody. VirtualDJ will not read these files. How can I solve this problem?

You may encounter a situation where music you have purchased from 3rd party sources will not load or play in VirtualDJ. This is likely because the files are DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protected and will only play in the player or devices that are approved by the music provider. VirtualDJ does not support 3rd party DRM codecs.

This is especially true for Apple Music files, iCloud files, and older files purchased from iTunes (m4p) which can only be played on authorized Apple software and hardware (New iTunes purchases are no-longer DRM protected). If this is the case, iTunes offers a service for it's older files to remove the DRM protection for a fee. If you have a large number of these files that need to have the protection removed, this may be an affordable choice.

It is recommended that you purchase music and videos from legal DRM-free sources for use in VirtualDJ.

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