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DJReal NYC wrote on Mon 30 Oct 17
I Understand Totally! Been There My Self A Few Times Brother, Much Respect DJReal NYC.
DJ TAO of TAOTRONX wrote on Tue 11 Nov 14
I'm going through pain in the butt due to nerve pain :'(

I'm doing pain management injections and the side effects of swelling after the shot so I have good days more than bad which I'm grateful to THE LORD for how many years I was able to mobile DJ continually with M.S.. I've got a few younger guys now who wish to work under my business name. So teaching or mentoring them this trade, etc... I will DJ again as soon as I get my nerve pain under control or get this product:

$4,000 to $6,000 and not covered by my EVIL insurance, so wish me luck....


And as for my radio project after getting a $3000 loan my partner, HE backed out stating I was just looking for a hand out. A hand out? All he was going to do is pay for the broadcasting fee. If I knew HE'D back out after promoting his business for years as it was keeping me going with the tech side of computers I BOUGHT, etc... I would have budgeted the money to broadcast myself and whats great about the radio automation WITH REMOTE BROADCASTING FROM ANY MODERN LAPTOP, I used before I was basically let go once needing a wheelchair in 2007 but with life going by., the time I known this W.J.S.Z. owner violated my state disability work laws it was past the dreaded "statue of limitations" :(

I'm a fighter and no quitter!!!

DJ TAO of TAOTRONX wrote on Tue 07 Aug 12
A MAN and HIS MUSIC - Hit squad of what type? Illegal Crack one, YES!!!

For other's I'm working with my city's V.I.P.s to do what they can to do with ILLEGAL ENTERTAINMENT VENUES and THE WACK ILLEGAL DJS they chose to hire, etc... :)
A Man and His Music wrote on Mon 23 Jul 12
I'm forming a hit squad, are you in?
DJ TAO of TAOTRONX wrote on Sun 22 Jul 12
Sorry if I offended anyone about the reporting of the CRACKS.

But since so many have seen what I do and still can do with M.S. me and my CREW are finding it harder and harder to keep doing what we do LEGALLY.

Hope you can understand.


SBDJ wrote on Sun 06 Mar 11
No need to apologise!
djej wrote on Tue 09 Dec 08
Good luck with the radio idea.