Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DJM-S11  


Even though the Pioneer DJM-S11 is capable of sending MIDI signals from all faders, buttons and knobs, the mixer part of the unit is not controlling the internal mixer of VirtualDJ. The audio mixing is operated from the hardware.

The Crossfader, Equalizer, Filter, Volume faders etc. will move the relative faders of the VirtualDJ GUI, but not vice versa (Fake mixer mode)

S. SHIFT. Press and hold this button to access secondary functions of other controls on the DJM-S11

The functionality of each button, knob and connection per section (as shown in the image above) will be explained in detail in the next chapters

A. Mixer Controls
B. Pads
C. Effects
D. Equalizer & Screen
E. Browser & Loop Controls
F. Front & Rear Panels