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dj_56Home userMember since 2006
hi im newbie and also new in the world of djing. i always wondering how a pro dj create beat which suitable to a song. example like RnB to Dance or Trance. Are there any tips or software should be used?
example, justin timeberlake - lovestoned (remixed by tiesto)

this might be the most basic skill a dj should have.
honestly, i never have a change to watch a dj mixing live. i mean stand beside a dj and see him doing his job.

Posted Sun 10 Feb 08 @ 6:31 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Virtual DJ is a mixing program , if you want to create beats you need a studio application like fruity loops or Reason.

Posted Sun 10 Feb 08 @ 12:26 pm
dj_56Home userMember since 2006
oh i see, but do a pro dj use those softwares while he do mixing in club or maybe live?

i have fruity loops and had tried to create some beats
but when i try to mix the beat with a song
the sound is so weird, totally out!

do you have any guides or tips so i can follow?

Posted Sun 10 Feb 08 @ 8:12 pm
ok to make your own loops , you must know about music and lay out and recording.. i have used fruti loops and it was ok... But i can get samples on line and remix it.. When i dj live i make the loops and samples before hand and put them in my sampler then play them as i need them... hope this help you ,also go check out a multi recording program like cool edit and wave lab.. I own both..

Posted Sun 10 Feb 08 @ 11:27 pm
dj_56Home userMember since 2006
thanks for the suggestion. i appreciate it.

but i really want to know are there any tips or guides which i can follow, if i want create beats or loops to match a song.
Or maybe there is guide and it is depends our own creativity like born with music talent?

Posted Mon 11 Feb 08 @ 5:07 am
well its like this . with virt i have had other djs stop and ask who makes this version of the song... It has to do with the incredible ability to make on the go loops and then to later save them.. the best thing about it is the record feature so what you do is make the loops and save them and then record them as a mp3 then remix it over and over then soon you have a version that is unreal... If your intrested in production side of it you might want to see about programs like fruitiloops where you can make arangements.. when im djing i dont have time to make arangements but can make loops at the same speed from other samples ... so now one song has totally different background.. once your established and have accredits you might have the ability to join record pools and other groups that we pay fees and get sample packs and versions to work on to send back to them to have play .. I have a few floating around ..... This is once you have actually undertaken and understood the music world..

Posted Mon 11 Feb 08 @ 6:32 pm
dj_56Home userMember since 2006
ok i will try. thanks all

Posted Mon 11 Feb 08 @ 9:17 pm
Paz75PRO InfinityMember since 2006
try ableton live. its geared for creating basic loops and for post-production of tracks. there is no easy way into the production world, you need devotion and alot of playing around. fruityloops is a nice tool for absolute beginners, start there. but it doesnt take you very far once you start to get serious. i suggest ableton live. its easy to play with and have potential to go far. alot of succesful producers use it for all of their work. for myself, i only use it for time-correcting sample loops.

Posted Tue 12 Feb 08 @ 11:24 am
dj_56Home userMember since 2006
ok thank very much to all. Now i feel more motivated than before. I was almost give up with djing.
If, i remix a song, maybe a short one, will you guys help me and give some comments?
hahahaa :P

Posted Wed 13 Feb 08 @ 5:41 am
Sure, we'll leave some comments, we'll help u out! ;)
That's why the VDJ site and the VDJ community is here for. We are like a brotherhood...
If u wanna have a look to what I've managed to do with the help of VDJ and this hole BIG family go

Tunes mixed and reccorded by my alter-ego DJ D-Backs xD eheheh.
Stay cool, hope it inspires you!

Posted Sat 01 Mar 08 @ 5:09 am
vincbHome userMember since 2008
fruit loops is most used to create beats u should try it a few days.

Posted Tue 04 Mar 08 @ 5:06 am
how do u make ur own samplers?

Posted Sat 23 Jul 11 @ 7:04 pm
does anyone know where can I get some program for making own beats? pm me if u know plxzor :)

Posted Wed 01 Aug 12 @ 4:10 am
What exactly do you mean by "making beats"?

If all you want is a drum pattern, try Googling for drum machine software.

If you're talking about working with samples and loops, check out Sony Acid or Steinberg Sequel.

Posted Mon 06 Aug 12 @ 5:18 pm
DJN3rPRO InfinityMember since 2012
How do you create your own samples,on virtual dj.

Posted Tue 07 Aug 12 @ 8:22 pm
hey i am using mixcraft 5 its a program that has its own loops which you can mix together to make a song but it also has a virtual instrument.. thing wich transforms your laptop into a keyboard, drums, guiter, or wathever instrument you want. it is limited for unlicensed users though, but i thought maybe someone with more experience coulc get alot out of it (im a sort of newbie too ;P i mixed some songs of my own but i didnt rlly think they sound good. Note: i was 13 when i mixed it so ...)

Posted Wed 08 Aug 12 @ 6:13 am
hey i am doing this djing for like 2weeks now and enjoy it but downfall is that...i know this will prob piss you off but how do you create your own beat ill give ya an example dont wake me up by Chris brown and the remix i just have a good few ideas but dont know how to make my own beat and any advise you can give to a beginner. :)

Posted Wed 30 Jan 13 @ 1:41 pm
hannonpadraig wrote :
dont know how to make my own beat and any advise you can give

My advice would be - read the messages in this thread. People have already asked, and answers have been given.

Posted Wed 30 Jan 13 @ 4:47 pm
You can always use the sampler and just chop up the track then plan it using the sampler. Ive done and do do it this way. I only use 8 of the samplers though. I only have 8 sampler buttons on my controller so I make do. But I try to use my sampler like traktor remix decks. Its pretty easy to do with VDJ script.............

Posted Sun 03 Feb 13 @ 4:01 pm
hi im new member in this VDJ community..i want to start slowly to know about djing..cause im a music lover so i wanna play music like question is how can i start i mean what is the first step to start with this??thank you and ill wait for the reply..godbless

Posted Sat 09 Feb 13 @ 12:45 pm
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