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Topic: Mixing scouse house
Does anyone have any tips for mixing this type of music

Cause what I do is start the song playing on deck a then near the end of the song I turn the bass down while turning the volume up on deck B but my problem is that u can hear the mixing going on like u can hear it like it is not in beat but it is .

Posted Tue 06 Nov 07 @ 8:03 pm
Look for a break somewhere near of the track your mixing out, normally scouse tracks have a break near the end if you find it then start your next track on the other deck.

Posted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 6:49 am
I think after ten years, he's probably learnt how to do it by now!


Posted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 6:19 pm
That's funny. He's probably on tour. I'm going to close this now, for being a little dated.

Posted Mon 21 Aug 17 @ 1:29 am