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Topic: Burn a mix to cd
When I mixed my files, i have a cue and a bin file. I know I have to burn the cue file as an image when using Nero, but when I play the cd, it perfectly transists but I can't see the title and the artist (I'm using iTunes), I just see "Track 01; track 02, ..." as titles.
Does anyone know how I can fix this situation?

Posted Sun 25 Feb 07 @ 8:30 pm
This is what I do to burn a mixed cd:

1) Record the mix.
I have a second desktop at home that I just hool the output RCA cables from my dj mixer to and recored the whole mix as one long trck on my second Comp.

2) Split the tracks
I load the Recorded Wave into my Audio editing program (Cooledit Pro) Set Cue points and then Normalize the entire track. Then Go through and highlight my track from cue point to cuepoint and save the highlighted selection as the track name. This gives you individual tracks with the crosfades/spins/scratches intact.

Tip: Make sure you number the tracks so as not to mix them up when burning.
Tip: Make sure you save the file at least at 320 Kbs for good quality mp3's

3) Burn the cd
Burn the cd without any pause between tracks. Allow for cd text to be written

This Process works everytime. Gives me flawless mixed CD's where the only mistake is If I screwed up while DJ'ing

oh yes one more thing.......

Buy the Software - Don't use Crack, too many errors in crack versions

DJ Marcel
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Posted Mon 26 Feb 07 @ 1:37 am
can someone help me make a mix cd

Posted Mon 27 Dec 10 @ 2:58 pm
with what progam

Posted Mon 27 Dec 10 @ 2:58 pm
how can i to burn a cd on Virtual DJ Pro? From my data base.

Posted Thu 17 Nov 11 @ 1:23 pm
Look i had the same problem i was trying to download my mix tape i turned it into an mp3 and everything but it still wont work on car radios. Plz reply back i need my mix tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Wed 29 Aug 12 @ 6:35 pm
You will have to burn the cd as an "audio cd" for it to work on standard cd player, not just burn the MP3 to a cd.
there should be an option in your burning software.

Posted Thu 30 Aug 12 @ 9:29 am
cool edit looks great but to much for my pocketbook i went with audacity, with any kind of transition or cross fade most software wont be able to find the silent spots to auto cut the tracks. but I'm working with a large mp3, not sure if that will work with bin and cue.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 12 @ 6:07 pm
how do you tracklist a mix so i can skip to each song once put on a cd????

Posted Thu 11 Apr 13 @ 11:48 am

Posted Thu 11 Apr 13 @ 11:54 am
how can i make a video mix and burn a cd that has my title and my name in virtualdj?

Posted Wed 23 Aug 17 @ 9:24 pm