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bebert6Home userMember since 2005
coucou DJ Andre Landry

Posted Wed 19 Jan 05 @ 7:34 pm
@ DJ-IN -Norway
I have been mixing now for years and must say that I was truly impressed with the way you spelled out the basics of DJing. It's like putting on a shoe...It's easy enough...But just try and explain in print how to do it. Makes ya think don't it?

Great Job. I think that I learned a thing or two.


Posted Wed 16 Feb 05 @ 3:46 am
"....But just try and explain in print how to do it..."

exactly ;) its not easy to EXPLAIN in print... as it has a lot to to with your sense for rythm, keys etc.. and thats a SKILL and not easy to explain in theory

I'm thinking of making a guide to HARMONIC mixing (even higher level of djing), but when it comes to put it down in print, its a problem with how theorietical it should be.. as its "listen to key by ear" (a skill) and not about knowing that a "Gminor" works well with a "D" etc.. lol ... thats far to theoretical

Posted Fri 18 Feb 05 @ 4:21 pm
I am with ya on harmonic mixing...but gminor. Dude you almost lost me. I haven't thought of that since my second year of high school when I used to play the trombone!
Ya killing me...


Posted Fri 18 Feb 05 @ 6:52 pm
For harmonic mixing try this "Mixmeister pro 6"
This program will give you bpms,keys,and keycodes for all your songs!
We spoke of this in the past and it was shunned by all but a few.I hope this time we will succeed in peaking the interest of the dj who wants to get better

Posted Wed 23 Feb 05 @ 9:33 am
claxPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Good link

Posted Sat 26 Feb 05 @ 2:46 am
This informative thread is finally back where it belongs!****! Please do not let it descend again….


Posted Thu 31 Mar 05 @ 11:10 am
djchillPRO InfinityMember since 2005
I was a registered user of atomixmp3 for about two years and wanted the new virtualdj.I wanted to have access to all the plugins and skins and support whe nI am having problems.So I saved down to my last cent to purchase it.And now I have no regrets.When I want support no matter what day of the week it is I am replied too by the support team at virtualdj.Big shout outs goes to the virtualdj support team.I hope one day I would be part of that team.

Posted Mon 04 Apr 05 @ 8:54 pm
@ Andre and DJ-in-Norway
When you guys mix is it always a harmonic mix? I mean since VDJ doesn't have the capabilities of finding the right keys. Does it really make that much of a difference with lets say Hip Hop? Have you guys ever harmonic mixed on VDJ radio before. I know that Andre mixes on Tuesdays...I guess I have to listen for that. I have listened to you in the past and it sounds good but I don't recall harmonics. Andre let me know if you will be Harmonic mixing tomorrow and I will be listening for it.


Posted Mon 04 Apr 05 @ 10:19 pm
it makes a difference... for sure

I dont always mix harmonically... but I do tricks to make it sound less sour, when not mixing harmonically...

Harmonic mixing applys to beatmixing to songs on top of eachother, so depending on how you mix hiphop, this could be important, or not

For instance, a vocal song on top of a bassline from another song, would sound sour, if it was not by harmonic mixing

But PLEASE PLEASE remember that many do this by EAR, not knowing the THEORY behind it, just becaus they/you have a good "ear" for music, and can tell what sounds good, and less good, when mixing ;)
read more here :
(good stuff about harmonics)

Posted Tue 05 Apr 05 @ 4:04 am
In Response to DJ Norway Theroy he is correct and I do the same thing I dont always mix with the harmony by useing tricks I can avoid the off key sound as well very slick but I think the hardest part is having the ear to know when to and when not to.? It's good musical science so to speak.
On a seperate thought I Feel it when I mix its more then just hearing it. Curious do you use beatlock often? I have found it can reak havoc on my samples if I am not careful. On the plus side I have come up with some new sample that way.

Posted Tue 26 Apr 05 @ 7:53 am
i never use beatlock..

I like to be flexible and smooth.. and find beatlock to be kinda in the way..

I use pitch, nudge... sometimes sync

And you are right... harmonic smooth mixes are mostly about a good ear for music, a good sense for music... and not science so to speak :)

Posted Tue 26 Apr 05 @ 6:29 pm
Exactly. Beatlock hasn't been perfected enough in VDJ to be able to rely on it too much. If I am doing a mash up style of mix then I will use sync quit a bit to help quickly find the correct BPM. But if just spinning some songs then I will use pitch and nudge to find the correct tempo. But my ideas of harmonic mixing is as DJing itself art. Some have it, some don't. Not everyone is a pianist neither a painter. You can take lessons, but that doesn't mean that you have IT. In DJing, you can have all the equipment, software and even know about song structure and still suck at it. If you don't have IT then you don't. Now in days there are soooo many DJs out there because technology gives them the ability to do so. But it is the one that gets the crowds moving and gets people's feet tapping that does IT. So DJ-IN-Norway did an excellent job explaining the "science" of DJing, but you have to continuously practice and practice to see if you got IT.

Just my 2 cents...


Posted Tue 26 Apr 05 @ 6:51 pm
exactly... :) very well put...

its all about IT ....!
being a dj is not about being all technical, its about being "musical", having a sense of music and rythm.. be able to hear what fits well with other songs etc

My whole thread here is a bit theoretical... for newbies to PRACTICE being more "musical"
its all about having THE FEEL, ... IT....
My thread is about trying to listen and get that feel...

Some will, some will not...

As he said.... not everybody can be skilled a painter ;)

Posted Tue 26 Apr 05 @ 8:44 pm
BUT...Even a skilled painter needs to read about technique and theory from time to time.
So with that I thank you DJ-In-Norway. As I have said a earlier in this post, I learned a thing or two.


Posted Wed 27 Apr 05 @ 1:20 am
DJ-FixHome userMember since 2005
Hey people what i need to write to download samples when some sing put your hands in air,you,you..!!??

Posted Tue 17 May 05 @ 9:38 pm
don't get it .... sorry

where write ?

download of samples from website is only for full users.

I think in demo you are able to record your own samples too.
and it looks like "put ur hands up in da air" is already bundled ;-) so press the corresponding play button
and voila it plays ... you dont need to write anythink to anyone

Posted Wed 25 May 05 @ 12:15 pm
@ dj-in-norway

this has to be the most useful post for djs on the internet...

i thank you from the bottom of my heart.. this has been really educational


DJ Rudra

Posted Sat 11 Jun 05 @ 10:43 am
thanx :)

Posted Sat 11 Jun 05 @ 2:18 pm
muaddibHome userMember since 2005
Great post :) i like it.
I was mixin on TTs Goa Trance and Techno, now i moved onto Drum'n'Bass and BreakBeat, which I think is the hardest out there for modern electronics DJs.
I have a question of a tehnical genre tho.

I have 2x SB Live 5.1
How do i set my primary sound card to play my Headphones only(mixing) and secondary to shoutcast to Radio or Speakers(live act), seperately. tnx.

Posted Sun 03 Jul 05 @ 6:21 am
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