DJ Andre Landry
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frankie_m_dj wrote on Sat 11 Jul 09
I added you on my friend's list...FrankiE_M_DiJ
djcity wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09
Stopping by to say hi. Keep the people dancin, Keep the party rockin, Keep the money flowin in.
djcity wrote on Wed 19 Nov 08
What's up witcha...
I'm just doing my customary "What's up witcha" to keep in touch with my fellow DJ's
Keep the people dancin...
Keep the crowd rockin...
Keep the party movin...
djcity wrote on Thu 30 Oct 08
What's up my DJ Brother
DJ Andre Landry wrote on Mon 13 Oct 08
Andre Kucbel........Bravo Jeremie/Benjamin vous m'avez trouvez!!!Continuez a fouillier vous allez trouvezr mon email/MsN
DJ FORMAT wrote on Sun 31 Aug 08
add me looooool
TearEmUp wrote on Sun 31 Aug 08
Dre...your the MAN!!!!
listen2 wrote on Thu 28 Aug 08
you make the forums exciting, andre laundry lol sup bro