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PRO Infinity
Member since 2006

Posted Fri 10 Nov 06 @ 5:13 am
I'm looking to upgrade my cd player to a all in one cd unit to use for my nieces and mini cousins birthday parties. This so far seems like the cheapest model at only $200 with musicians friend, which would make it possible to get it next month. Has anyone tried out this unit? The oldest of our kids is 9, so I wouldn't need anything super fancy for a while, just something enough to mix their cd's with. Basicaly what I'm looking to find out, is how dependable this unit is, though I'd be interested also to know how well the fader start function works. Thanks ahead for any input;^]

PRO Infinity
Member since 2004

Posted Fri 10 Nov 06 @ 10:33 am
i havent personaly used it but it looks good and thats a good price :)

PRO Infinity
Member since 2006

Posted Fri 10 Nov 06 @ 11:41 am
I have seen some Gem sound, and it's about as cheap as you can get (from the models I've seen).
Here are some more options: