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Topic: Virtual DJ 2 Skin
Don't get me wrong, i love all the other skins, but i always found that the VDJ2 skin was the easiest skin to work with, it was bright, it didnt have a sampler and the effects were easy accessible, i dont like the idea of a sampler , and someone should make a vdj4 skin with the vdj2 interface it would be so much appreciated because im not liking the vdj4 skin simply because of accessibity, the program is great its just the skin

Posted Sun 22 Oct 06 @ 6:40 pm

Posted Sun 29 Oct 06 @ 7:32 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
another victory for antispam campainers all over ;)

Posted Mon 30 Oct 06 @ 1:29 am
ı think other skins is the most beatiful

Posted Sat 18 Nov 06 @ 2:36 pm
Yea the other skins other people make are beautiful, but personally i like the default skin, only for accessibility, cause in the booth its hard to use a dark skin

Posted Sat 18 Nov 06 @ 6:47 pm
philly dj did a VDJ3 skin like.

the name is "fue"

Posted Mon 20 Nov 06 @ 7:50 am