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Topic: RipVinyl help
Hi, I was wondering if there's a little manual or something that explains all the config options and GUI of ripvinyl.

I'm trying to record LP's and 45's to mp3 format, but there's a few options in ripvinyl that confuse me. I manual would be great. In the case there isn't one readily available...

What is the little level on top that can slide left/right? Also, what does silence in config do specifically, cause I played with it and I couldn't really tell.

Please excuse my newbie-ness in regards to this, but I've never really tried converting records and I'm trying to get the mp3s to sound as close as possibel to the record (with all imperfections. All i really want is not to have distortions of any kind)

Thanks for all your help in advanced.

Posted Fri 22 Sep 06 @ 9:28 pm
phillydjPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
The silence slider takes away some of the natural pops that the record has

Posted Fri 22 Sep 06 @ 9:33 pm
I see. thanks.

Is that the slider on the main interface or in the config menu? (or both the same?)


Posted Fri 22 Sep 06 @ 9:34 pm
phillydjPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
It's the slider in the config, I believe the slider in the main interface is just the level of what your hearing

Posted Fri 22 Sep 06 @ 9:52 pm