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djr03Home userMember since 2004
hi every body i reallt need your help
i've used the dj console without any probleme but after instaling it the crossfader don't go to the right most position. i've uninstalled every this and reinstalled them but the problem is still the same if somebody can help it will be very nice from him

Posted Mon 02 Feb 04 @ 12:49 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Please browse the forum before asking questions that have already been asked and answered.

Posted Mon 02 Feb 04 @ 2:20 pm
djr03Home userMember since 2004
sorry for that but i did browse the forum and no body got an answer for this problem they are saying to uninstall every thing and reinstalling it but the problem remains, hope that somebody might help me, also i don't know if it's the dj console that is not working well or the virtual dj since when you use the crossfader in ots cd scratch the crossfader works without any problem. if a new version of virtual dj is comming out that will fix this problem please let me know. i also wanted to say that this software nice and it will push the djing industy to a new edge but need to have stable working envirement means bug free ( like this crossfader problem if you are at your house and you're mix it's not a real one compared when you are in mixing in the night club and you have more power in the speakers even 99% in the right of the crossfader you still have that 1% that will not let you mix the ways you want, because when you're mixing you just want to have the crossfade in the right up most position and not thing if he is in 99% or 98%)

Posted Mon 02 Feb 04 @ 2:38 pm
i have the same crossfader problem...

i unstalled the drivers and virtual dj.

then reinstalled the newest drivers and virtual dj.

still the same problem :(

Posted Wed 18 Feb 04 @ 12:40 am
DJOliveHome userMember since 2004
I have the same problem.
Installed and uninstalled the drivers do not solve it.
I also think that it comes from VirtualDJ.
Hope they give a new patch quickly.

Posted Wed 18 Feb 04 @ 8:34 am
kaleoPRO InfinityMember since 2003

I'm pretty sure this don't come from VDJ. The slider is controled by a value between 0 and 4096.

The crossfader work great with the mouse and shortcuts.

It can by controled by joystick too and if your joystick is well calibrated, it works fine too.

So in my opinion, it's a DJ Console problem.
Maybe they could give a patch soon to correct this.

Posted Wed 18 Feb 04 @ 8:46 am
DJOliveHome userMember since 2004

It works with the other software.
My opinion is the crossFader return a value between 0 and 255 and VirtualDJ is waiting for 256 to be on full right position.
They just have to change one condition test in VirtualDJ code.

Posted Wed 18 Feb 04 @ 5:52 pm
kaleoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
...interesting point.
I may be wrong.

Posted Wed 18 Feb 04 @ 8:30 pm
i have said it before, it's most possibly a VDJ problem,

also i think it would be not so hard to change some code and recompile and provide this as a patch

come on developers, drink one coffee from me , and make that code change

if you need another coffee, please let me know...


Posted Wed 18 Feb 04 @ 9:03 pm
nizorHome userMember since 2003
It's a problem (another one) from the DJConsole and not from VDJ.
Ask Hercules to get a RMA number and they will probably ask u to return the console for replacement.
That's what i did, and got my RMA.

Posted Thu 19 Feb 04 @ 2:12 pm
ectonekHome userMember since 2004
Same thing here...
Just want to know from someone at Virtual DJ if this is really a problem with the console or just the software...

Posted Mon 23 Feb 04 @ 5:50 pm
Hello Guys,

I just received my DJ console back from Hercules
after I sent it for these reasons :
a) famous jog wheels bug
b) crossfader extreme position not extreme in VDJ
c) pitch/tempo central position not exact 0% in VDJ

And they wrote me these answers, attached to my
new DJ console :

a) now corrected in your console
b) will be corrected soon by Atomix with a patch
c) will be corrected soon by Hercules with a patch

So my question is : is there anybody here, from atomix
staff, who knows if it's right or not ?



Posted Mon 23 Feb 04 @ 6:30 pm

How long did Hercules take to return your console? i'm waiting for a week, hoping to return mine soon because i need it for a gig next week.

Posted Tue 24 Feb 04 @ 9:26 am

I've sent my unit back to hercules europe (belgium)
process time was about two weeks.

It fixed several knows problems :
- hypersensitive jogwheel
music would start playing slow randomly when stopped

- faderproblem (still not 100% correct though)
fader wouldnt go all the way, this is somewhat corrected, but you still hear soft music from the other channel, when using the mouse to set the fader its all the way and the second channel is silent (get it ? ).

- songs start at same time when pressing only 1 play button
when pussing left play sometimes both songs would start, this is fixed now

I recieved a new unit with a new cd and a t-shirt ;p
The cd contained driver 1.2 (or 1.3 ?) and VDJ 1.08 on it.

In the end it seems all ok :)

Posted Tue 24 Feb 04 @ 3:04 pm
DJOliveHome userMember since 2004

Posted Thu 04 Mar 04 @ 8:35 am
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
The crossfader is also related to the hardware and not the software. If you have problems with DJ Console not fading all the way out to the right or left please mail Hercules.

Posted Thu 04 Mar 04 @ 3:11 pm
Are you absolutely sure that the cross-fader issue is Hardware related? If you are, what steps have you taken to determine this?

Posted Thu 04 Mar 04 @ 9:11 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
Simple, load another software that came with DJ Console and the same error will be reproduced. It has been reported by other users. Search this forum.

Posted Fri 05 Mar 04 @ 12:33 am
Actually, I've tried using other software like "New DJ" and it DOES fade all the way to the right.

Virtual DJ does NOT fade all the way to the right.
The problem still persists with the lastest firmware, drivers, and VJ software.


Posted Fri 05 Mar 04 @ 7:13 am
This is true. I have the same problem. Does not happen in other sotware. Looks like one for the next update....

Posted Tue 09 Mar 04 @ 11:09 am
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