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Topic: ASIO-driver support
Forget all those fancy effects development.

The most essential item to be improved in next update should be ASIO support. Ask any respected DJ: in front of a live audience, you need FLAWLESS, crystal-clear audio-output!

This is something the current version (1.08) cannot provide. Even the much more expensive app 'BPM-studio' can't provide FLAWLESS output when using Direct-X drivers, but it CAN when using ASIO drivers!

Asio stands for 'Audio Streaming Input/Output' developed by Steinberg. Visit this link if you want to know more about ASIO:

It provides excelent, flawless, stable audio-quality (as good as your hardware can provide). All other 'Professional' Audio applications like Cubase, Pro-tools, Logic, Reason, BPM-Studio, SoundForge, Wavelab, Renoise, make use of ASIO-drivers. And most of the audio-hardware is shipped with ASIO-drivers (even usb-devices like Hercules console).

So... i would be extremely happy if VDJ would support ASIO-drivers, in order to get rid of those irritating clicks and ticks of M$-crappy-DirectX-drivers's output.

Dear VDJ-developers, please add support for ASIO. P.L.E.A.S.E.

Posted Mon 19 Jan 04 @ 2:25 pm
WE want those ASIO to be available too , make the soft definitely PRO!

Keep u the good work :)

Thomas M

Posted Mon 19 Jan 04 @ 9:55 pm