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Topic: Super cool song
djskeetHome userMember since 2005
You have to hear this one:

Safri Duo - Played Alive (The Bongo Song)

Posted Mon 30 Apr 01 @ 8:34 pm
Yep, it really is one of the greatest songs of this year. I really like the airscape remix of it.

Posted Tue 01 May 01 @ 1:00 pm
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
i have the airscape remix

ITS sooooo mad!!!!!


p.s. Stevend how did u get the renking of DJ???

Posted Fri 04 May 01 @ 2:06 pm
The Levels (as I understand them.. correct me if I'm wrong Yan) are based on degree of coolness. So for example me... I'm just cool enough to be allowed to speak from time to time.. hence, I am a junior member. Now Steven over there... people actually like him, so he gets to be a DJ. Yan, Pol, R!SC, etc... they actually have people trying to talk to them.. so they get the other rankings accordingly. So if there is anything else I can clear up for you, please let me know.

Posted Fri 04 May 01 @ 5:35 pm