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Topic: how about an echo effect

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xxisHome userMember since 2003
i still miss a proper echo effect
what shell i do
just think of the posebilety's

Posted Tue 21 May 02 @ 12:58 pm
how about checking the add-ons-pages?
I haven't tried them all but there are a lot of hallway-echoes and such.. what's wrong with them? (=ideas for improvements)

Posted Tue 21 May 02 @ 2:44 pm
xxisHome userMember since 2003
this so called echo's distort the track , and do not do the proper job.
if u read my post from before u will know what i'm talking about

Posted Wed 22 May 02 @ 7:06 am
OK.. as I said, I haven't tested them all, it was more of a tip if you happend to be a newbie, I apologize :o)

Posted Wed 22 May 02 @ 8:10 am
xxisHome userMember since 2003
well i'm sorry if i sound so meen i don't mean this

but just think what u can do with a proper echo

Posted Thu 30 May 02 @ 3:06 pm
I agree.. a proper configurable echo effect would do a LOT of magic just on it's own.. :o)

Posted Thu 30 May 02 @ 3:23 pm
GrimmPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I requested one a long time ago. DJ Corpse said he'd look into it, but I have heard nothing since. I'm sure he's busy with other things, but maybe someone else can come up with one. If I had an C++ knowledge, I'd surely make one myself.

Posted Thu 30 May 02 @ 7:13 pm

Posted Fri 07 Jun 02 @ 11:31 pm

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