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Topic: Volume plugin

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i need a effect plugin with a adjustable fadeout (5-15s)
somebody a idea ?


Posted Tue 23 Apr 02 @ 1:19 am
An effect that basically lowers the output level of the chosen track.. I see how this can come in handy: an automated way to fadeout one of the tracks without having to drag the slider or pump the keyboard shortcuts....

But what options would be needed?
If such an effect is made I personally would like to see the following settings:

* exponential or linear decay (maybe 2 different exp's? one sharp and one soft?)
* fadeout time (to determine the rate of decay)
* stop @(=min. output)-slider (if/when you just need to fade down (x) %/dB)

* Maaaaaybee a similar set of controls to fade back in to 100% (=no stop@-slider for the fade-in), preferably started by clicking a button or clearing a checkbox (a'la "[ ] Be silent!") instead of having a fixed "silent time" :o)

Making a fadein-plugin just to be able to do the opposite would be kinda troublesome and won't be used much as you only have 3 effectslots and having both a fadeout and fadein would be a waste of space.

How ever, an automated fadeout-plugin might save a lot of time during a mix as long as the decay-curve, decay-time and minimum output(if you just want to make the track "fall back" into the background) can be controlled..

Posted Tue 23 Apr 02 @ 9:57 am

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