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Topic: The Insatiable Urge

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted these skins... I know they are short lived.. but they kinda satisfied that little craving I've had for something new. Just to tide me over till the next Atomix is released..

So Thanks,

Saint James

Posted Fri 23 Feb 01 @ 3:25 am
What was your vavorite new skin?

Posted Fri 23 Feb 01 @ 9:50 am
As far as appearance and usefulness I liked Komar the best..just had a nice feel to it.

Posted Sat 24 Feb 01 @ 5:56 am
Thank you

Posted Sun 25 Feb 01 @ 7:53 am
Thank you
PS. forgot to log in for the first time

Posted Sun 25 Feb 01 @ 7:54 am

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