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Topic: Additional Skins

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Where can I find other skins besides the default and Denon?

Posted Thu 28 Dec 00 @ 7:55 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003

We are working on it!

You will can find them when finished in the add-ons page of our website!

Moreover, I work on a skinmaker for every user of Atomixmp3


Posted Fri 29 Dec 00 @ 11:07 am
Well, I remember when I first got Atomixmp3 and I LOVED IT! (and still do)it said it was fully skinable, so I asumed I could find skins for it, I was wrong.
I just came back to the website recently and obviusly it had changed alot, and there was a new version! so I got it and it was pretty kool, so I checked out the 2 new skins, pretty but not all too spectacular I'm sad to say so like any fan of a great software I thought I'd help, I made a skin, it sucked horibly! so I tried again, and this time SUCCESS! I have made the koolest skin yet! it's a platinum, black, and dark blue theme variation of the denon skin with some kool special fx, I have sent it to Atomixmp3 since I was so amazed at how good it looked. I'm sure they'll like it too, but in the mean time if you want the skin send me an email at Rthomas@www.com

Posted Wed 21 Feb 01 @ 1:29 am
alreaHome userMember since 2003
As every body seems to want more skins, here is an adresse where you will find different versions of the denon skin. I am sure that a lot of ppl have made his own one but where are they? Where can we store the skins fot sharing?

Posted Wed 21 Feb 01 @ 5:20 pm
alreaHome userMember since 2003

Posted Wed 21 Feb 01 @ 5:21 pm

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