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Topic: purchasing atomixmp3

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I want to buy your s/w but should I wait till the next version comes out?

I am worried that 2.0 will be next and I will miss the free updates :-(

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 12:58 am
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
The next version is 1.2


Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 7:58 am
its not true there is not going to be a 1.2 version....

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 9:07 am
OyyoDamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
You can purchase Atomix now, all the updates will be free.


Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 12:31 pm
cool, purchased s/w :)

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 12:33 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003

a little correction:

We offer all the upgrades for 1.xx versions! You can see this on the download page !


Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 2:07 pm
what? you mean i don't get 2.0 for free????? :-)

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 11:38 pm
That's funny.. I remember purchasing the software and being told... in writing.. that all upgrades would be free. Maybe I'm mistaken...

Posted Mon 18 Jun 01 @ 12:56 am
Word.... I was specifically told all updates were free too....

Posted Mon 18 Jun 01 @ 6:44 pm
dude i need 2.x!! start programming now!!! NOW!!! EHEHEHEHE

Posted Mon 18 Jun 01 @ 8:37 pm

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