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Topic: Change loop roll to different values
neilControlleristMember since 2022
On my controller, when I select the Autoloop mode for my perf pads, it selects a function called Loops which has some very small loop values. I have no need for 1/32 of a beat loops. How can I change these values to more sensible values like 8,16, 32 beats etc?

Posted Mon 28 Nov 22 @ 3:55 pm
You can change the Pad Page for other Loop Sizes.

Posted Mon 28 Nov 22 @ 4:03 pm
neilControlleristMember since 2022
Ah...that simple.

My view was not set to the default and so the page selection wasn't showing.


Posted Mon 28 Nov 22 @ 4:36 pm
Yeah thats not so cool. The pages doesn't visible on the 4btn view and on the Esential Variation.
Many Controller have also Pages Buttons.

Posted Mon 28 Nov 22 @ 4:44 pm
Zdravím jen se přidám s dotazem. Dá se někde nastavit to že když dám loop třeba 4 a nechám to minutu rak aby po vypnutí skladba šla od to toho bodu? Já to nechám třeba půl minuty opakovat a když vypnu aby skladba pokračovala tak mi to skočí o těch půl minuty co by normálně odehrála.

Posted Fri 02 Dec 22 @ 11:27 am
Please in english...

I translate with google.

Deactivate Slipmode and use LOOP not ROLL.


Posted Fri 02 Dec 22 @ 12:01 pm