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Topic: Best platform for downloading music
I thought this would be simple, but Spotify doesn't offer downloads any more, and all I can do on iTunes is SHARE music and not BUY it.

I don't want to stream music. I want to *BUY* the songs and download music to my phone.

I have used Amazon for purchasing mp3s but I find it too complicated. I use Qobuz for purchasing music in wav format to my main PC. But who currently offers the best service and the largest selection of music where I can download it while working?

I was looking at Tidal but they seem to be a streaming only service.


Posted Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 12:37 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
iTunes still has a store where you can buy the tracks afaik

Posted Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 1:45 pm
What kind of music (genre) are you looking for?

Posted Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 2:27 pm
Thanks Adion.

When I resurrected my account in iTunes, I couldn't see anywhere to buy and download the songs I chose. Only to Share. I thought this was a bit odd. Maybe there is another way to do this. I suspect iTunes might have also become a streaming service only, like Spotify. Hopefully not anyway. Needs further investigation.

Thanks GroovinDJ

Anything and everything. It's for a mobile disco and we play anything and everything from house to indie, from northern soul to rave. Whatever is asked for which we might not have.


Posted Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 5:02 pm

Posted Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 8:26 pm
Thanks Wickedmix but I don't think these are quite what I am looking for.

Posted Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 10:25 pm
Looks like it's got to be Amazon Music. other than that, everything else seems to be streaming or encoded m4p files. No way would I dare risk streaming at a gig.

Posted Thu 28 Apr 22 @ 11:52 am
I've sent you a message about a service I use.

Posted Thu 28 Apr 22 @ 5:13 pm
For years I've been using MP3Million, which offers a massive selection of recorded music including many of the latest releases across all different genres. It's far superior to Amazon, and the site is extremely fast and easy to use.

You simply buy credits, then purchase and download as many tracks as you need whenever you need them. Your credit balance sticks around forever, unlike those other music subscription sites where you have to pay a monthly membership fee. For me, at least MP3Million has always been my "secret weapon" of DJing.

Case in point: If someone makes a request that I don't have, it takes me less than a minute to jump onto MP3Million, purchase and download the track (using my credit balance), then toss it into VirtualDJ. In most cases I can have it cued up and ready even before the current song is done playing. It's a breeze!

Posted Thu 23 Jun 22 @ 9:26 pm
Doesn't look very legal to me. Way too cheap per track/album, and they have things available that shouldn't be (due to licensing). Best avoided IMO.

Posted Thu 23 Jun 22 @ 9:38 pm
Someone already did a review of the service, and the determination was that it very well may be legal esp. since they've been in operation for over 15 years. Add to the fact, MP3Million is still listed on Google, which is notorious for "delisting" sites that are reported for copyright infringement. So that alone says something about their credibility.


I've been a customer since 2008 myself. I've yet to find anything shady concerning their business practices at all. It's more reliable and easier to use than Amazon and Beatport combined. I can't tell you how many times I've run into technical issues downloading songs that I PAID FOR on Beatport and Amazon.

In my opinion, if a Russian-based company can do a better job delivering what consumers actually want without screwing them over with ridiculous payment schemes (a-la BMG Music) and technical hurdles (a-la Beatport), then I say go for it. It's not like music being cheap means it's illegitimate.

Posted Fri 24 Jun 22 @ 6:09 pm